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How to Get GreenGeeks Hosting for Your Blog – Site Steps [STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL]

Have you chosen GreenGeeks as your hosting company, but don’t know how to get through the registration process? In this step-by-step tutorial, I explain how to register for GreenGeeks website hosting services for your WordPress blog.

There are many hosting services to choose from, so be sure to do some research to help decide which one will be the best fit for you. This step by step tutorial is intended for those who have decided that GreenGeeks is the route they prefer to go, and need more information on the registration process.

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hey everyone welcome to site steps i’m kimberly and if you’re new to my channel welcome i make content for bloggers and business owners who are trying to build their website from the ground up today i’m going to walk you through the process of setting up your website with green geeks hosting services i’ll show you how to register your domain with green geeks if you are creating a brand new website and i will show you how to add hosting if
you already have a domain set up so as you can see here green geeks is currently offering three different plans the lite plan is if you have one website you need to host the pro plan is meant for those of you who have more than one website and the premium plan includes a dedicated ip once you have selected the best plan for your needs just click on get started this gives you two options the first is to create a domain name and the second is to
use a domain that you already own a domain is another way of saying the website address so this is your www.businessname or dotnet or whatever address that you have chosen and this is where others will find your site online i’ll start by entering in a domain that i know is already taken if a domain is already in use you’ll get this error message saying that the domain is not available so let’s try another website name now you’ll go
through the form and enter your information scroll down a bit and you’ll have a drop down option for the account plan right now they are running a promotion so i can’t say for sure that you will see the same prices when you sign up but currently they are offering a new year sale and their triennial plan is only 249 a month so you’d be paying for all 36 months up front but as you can see you would have a savings of 318.51 under this current
promotion of course now when it renews it would renew at whatever their normal rate is so you’ll see the regular price here so you won’t be renewing at another promotional deal just keep that in mind now down here where it says id protect who is privacy if i click on more information we can see exactly what this means id protect keeps your private information from being searched publicly and marketed so anyone on the internet who does a whois
look up would see this instead of your own personal information if you opted into id protect if you uncheck it you’ll see that the price drops down 9.95 but if you want your information to be protected this might just be something you want to leave checked but i will also show you another option to consider in just a moment after you have entered your credit card information you’ll click on create account and voila your domain and hosting
services are ready for you to start building your site i want to point out really quick that if you’re signing up for a us domain instead of a com domain that you will see an additional field when you go to register you’ll see nexus and purpose that is because the dot us top level domain does have additional requirements which you can read more information about on this website here at about if you already have a website domain you can
add greengeeks hosting by clicking on use a domain you already own type in the address and click next you won’t see the id protect or other domain registration information because you are simply adding hosting to your current domain but about that remember when i said i’d show you another option well here it is if you go to and type in the domain that you wish to have go ahead and click add to cart and then click on the cart and
you’ll see who is guard when your subscription and over here to the right free forever so you’ll get the who is guard for free if you register your domain name with namecheap and as it says here it will guard people from seeing your name address phone number and email and it’s free for the life of your domain so if you go through green geeks there is that extra charge for the whois protection but if you order your domain name with namecheap you
will get it included so that is just something to consider so if you want to go this route and buy your domain with namecheap then to add it to greengeek’s hosting all you’ll have to do is click on this spot where it says use a domain that you already own and type in the name of the domain address that you just purchased with namecheap we’ve covered how to set up a new domain and hosting service with green geeks and how to set up hosting with
green geeks using a domain you already have i hope this video has been helpful i’ll leave my affiliate links for and in the description below don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel for more website creation content thanks for watching and i’ll see you next saturday