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How to get a Refund from GoDaddy Worldwide in 2021 Urdu/Hindi

How to return your domain or hosting to Godaddy and get your money back/ refund! In this video, I’ll tell you all about my experience how i refunded my domain back to Godaddy after 3 days of purchase and how they showed error while i was entering my support Pin.😂 Lol, All support pin issue solved. After watching this video you can easily return your domain or hosting or whatever the services you’ve bought from Godaddy ever 1 month ago. Using these services and refund is way difficult in Pakistan, India and Asian countries, I don’t know but maybe due to Call cost,😂 Lol, Yeah Call cost is more when you call 20 minutes to an Arizona America Number just to refund a 1$ domain. 😂 Joking but in some cases, it’s true.
If even now you have any problem you can comment below and ask me about it. I will be glad to help you. If you’ve listened my Call in last so sorry for my bad English. 😂

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