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How to Forward or Redirect URL to Another Website in GoDaddy

In this video tutorial I will show you how to forward or redirect a URL to another website in GoDaddy. In this case, I have a video store which is a template website. I would like to redirect the website to the video store website.

For this example, I’m using GoDaddy because that’s where the domain is registered at. But, the overall process should be similar in other domain registrars. In order to achieve this redirect, you need to go to the Manage Domains section and then in the Forwarding section is where you can redirect the URL.

You have the option to choose a 301 (permanent) or 302 (temporary) redirect. You can also choose to just “Forward Only” option or “Forward with Masking” option. Masking helps hide the URL to which you are forwarding to. Check the video tutorial to see how redirect an URL step-by-step.

Forwarding or redirecting a URL to another website is not always the best option. Depending on what type of website you have, you may have to map the website to another domain instead of simply redirecting it. You can check this video tutorial to learn about domain mapping:

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