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How To Fix Your Wix Mobile Menu When It Has Disappeared

Learn how to fix your mobile menu not showing in your Wix Editor or on your Wix website. How to fix a mobile menu that has disappeared. For more information, head over to

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hey so you’ve designed your desktop site you’ve gone to your mobile site and your hamburger menu isn’t there tonight we’re gonna fix that for you hey welcome to another Wix fundamentals for the Wix user tonight we’re gonna look at another issue that actually kind of falls along the same lines of the the previous video regarding your desktop menu not being there you may find a glitch in Wix where your hamburger menu is not there so first off
where does a hamburger menu that’s actually what this is called up here people don’t what as omit the the mobile menu has a couple different names but the the most common is what they call a hamburger menu normally when you create your desktop site and you switch over the mobile site your header in a sense should be fairly set up for you you may have to move a couple elements around but your element should be there there is a little bit of a
glitch that can happen and the reason why I call it a glitch is because I can replicate it to even show you what I mean in this video I tried a few minutes prior to creating this video to actually make that menu disappear and the only way I can make it disappear is to hide it so that’s the first thing we’re gonna look at so if for some reason your menu is not there we’re gonna go here we’re gonna look at our hidden elements so if I right-click
this and hide it that it’s not there but if I click on this hidden elements area my mobile menu is there so if for some reason it’s not there you may have accidentally deleted it it may just be again another glitch in Wix but that’s the first I’m going to look at so it might be there okay the other thing to look at is it may be hidden under this strip so just like the same issue with the desktop site sometimes this strip comes up in front of your
hamburger menu now like I said I couldn’t replicate this but I know it’s happened because I’ve heard numerous people asking why this happens so we do know that it does happen so all we’re gonna do with in that case break lick our strip we should have a range button down here which of course I don’t have a range button because I don’t have anything that’s overlapping besides this up here and it looks normal so it’s not gonna give me that click
arrange my strip I want to move backwards move backwards until that hamburger menu pops up that’s a simple fix real quick and easy so again if your hamburger menu is not there first thing to do look in your Hill and hidden elements see if it’s there if it’s there perfect click at it you’re good to go if it’s not there it’s more likely hidden behind this strip and again it’s a glitch it’s not something that’s gonna happen every single time I’ve
only had it happen once in one of my designs that I would was designing and again it was a simple fix right click strip you will see an arranged underneath this overlapping items moved to back I wouldn’t necessarily moved it back just move backwards move to backwards all in the back and you may not necessarily need that but move to back use that until the Pam burger menu pops up a quick shortcut if you don’t want to right click move to back is
control and then the down arrow that will move it down so that’s how you fix having your hamburger menu not showing on your mobile menu once again thank you for watching another episode make sure to like the video make sure to share the video with your friends and subscribe to the channel hopefully I will be getting faster with sending some of the getting these videos up past few months have been really crazy so I haven’t actually been able to do
as many videos as I’d like I mean actually might hear on the background a little guys screaming that guy’s been taking up a lot of my time so if you guys have any questions make sure to email me at info at wix1 Oh metals comm check out the website wicks fundamentals comm check out our Facebook group our Facebook page there’s some great resources on that page as well some really good trouble shooters on that on that page that can answer any
questions that I may miss so again thanks again for watching and have a great night hey you know that works for the middle scan website aerobics fundamentals calm website design it’s a bit and we’ll be in contact with you shortly