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How to Fix Parked Domain Issue in Godaddy Site 2021

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How to fix and resolve parked domain settings in godaddy account.

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Go to to godaddy account where you have purchased the domain.

See this is the domain that is showing that it is parked with godaddy.

So we need to setup and point it to our godaddy webhosting account.

Before that we need to add the domain name in our webhosting cpanel account.

So lets go to cpanel page by clicking manage under webhosting and again we need to click cpanel admin.

Here in cpanel settings page we need to click addon domain under domains section.

Next here lets add the domain name which we need to setup in this webhosting account.

And done, the domain name is setup, You can see it is showing as parked site in godaddy on this page.

So lets resolve it, we need to copy this IP address of our web hosting account and add it to our domain DNS records.

Ok once copied we need to head to our domain godaddy account, we may have the domain in the same webhosting account or different godaddy account.

So, here in the domain page, here we need to click Manage DNS or DNS records.

Next here, we need to remove the parked text and add the IP address here.

Paste the IP address in the poin to field and save the changes.

And done, we can go back and see our website domain page.

You can see our site page is blank we can install wordpress site or HTML site here.

Lets add a dummy web page and confirm the domain site page is propagating fine.

And done resolving the parked domain in godaddy and adding site webpage or install wordpress site.

You can see how to setup wordpress site on this domain in the video link below.

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