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How to Export Godaddy Office 365 emails into CSV file/ CSV Format?

Are you searching for a quick solution to Export GoDaddy Office 365 emails into CSV file? So watch the complete video, in this video, we have explained the all procedure to convert Godaddy office 365 to CSV format using an amazing software GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard….

Software maintains the same folder hierarchy during the conversion. Also, it maintains all Meta properties of email messages such as To, From, CC, Body content etc. You can migrate multiple GoDaddy Office 365 email accounts to CSV format at once. After conversion, you can open the converted CSV file to Excel or if you want to Import the CSV file in any another email app so you can easily do the same.

You can download the demo version of the software GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard to check the functionality of the software. Demo will allow you to convert 25 emails per folder. To perform the full conversion you can purchased the licensed version of the software.

With the software you can change the destination path as per your choice where you want to store resultant CSV file also it will support multiple languages and file naming properties.

Follow the below step by step procedure for Office 365 Export to CSV-
1. Download the software from…. And Run on the windows machines
2. Then, select GoDaddy Office 365 email account from the left side of the software UI and enter the credentials then click on Login button.
3. Now, it will preview complete folder structure of email folders. Select the required folders and click on select saving option button.
4. Select CSV from saving list.
5. Now, click on Backup button to process the conversion.

After conversion, you will see a pop-up message on your screen that “conversion completed successfully”. Now, check the resultant CSV on your destination. Software will create SavingLog File after the successful conversion you can check the no. of converted mails in this file also you can check the destination path as well.

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