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How to Enable Attracta SEO Tools on GreenGeeks

Supercharge your search engine optimization by using Attracta SEO tools on GreenGeeks web hosting

hello everyone this is lawrence from green geeks and in this guide i’m going to show you how to get started with a tractor and cpanel first you’ll want to log in to your account so click client login type your email address password then click log into Account Manager from here click cPanel login these are some of the tractors icons each one will take you to a resource that will help you optimize your website’s traffic let’s click get in
Google to set up a tractor in our cPanel account read their Terms of Service then click OK to accept attractor is now enabled on your account on their main page attractor will summarize all their features and services we have search engine optimization tools for making your website visible to search engines then we have turbo traffic a service for helping you get traffic even faster than standard search engine optimization and finally search
engine optimization apps which include social networking tools live chat and general stuff to track and hold on to visitors now let’s complete the signup process for attractor click on go to SEO tools for your domain click this link right up here in the following fields type your first name last name phone number company name and how often you’d like to receive email notices regarding your domains SEO status now click Save I’m gonna stop here
since this is all the information you need to start using a tractor you should now have a good understanding of what attracted does and how to sign up for the service through cPanel if you have any questions you can contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week by phone live chat or you can submit a support ticket