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hello today I'm going to show you how to embed a Google slideshow into your Wix website for easy access to any presentations that you made in Google slides so here I am in Wix website editor as you didn't see it's the editing phrase and I have a Google slide show that's all about me that I want to embed right in this area so to do so I have two tabs open I actually have my all about me Google slide show to open right here from my Google Drive so I would just click on this open my slideshow once it's all complete you go up to file and publish to the web now don't worry you're not going to publish exactly to the web but this is where the link is to embed so it says link you don't want to link because we want to embed it into the actual website so I'm gonna hit embed and then it gives you a few options notice it says slide side medium I'll show you what a medium slide size looks like in a small and you can decide which one's the best for your website we're just going to go with medium to show you the first way how to do it and then it says auto advance slides you can have it set where Auto advances the sides through your presentation or they can click on it just by putting an audio advanced though basically if they hit the play button it will advance every three seconds if they don't hit the play button they can go as fast or as slow through the presentation notice she also has start slideshow as soon as the player loads so that's right when you get to the page your slideshow it starts if you want to click that and restart the slideshow after the last slide I'll show you what those two mean once we embed the second one so basically here's your file medium every three seconds here's the code and all you have to do is really click in there and hit either control copy or control C or command C if you're on a Mac so I just copied that go back to my Wix website editor go over here to add because I'm going to if you want to think about it add an embedded function and all the way down at the bottom of all these options Narad there's more and I'm going to go to embed a site right here the blue tab and then you can see the box pops up don't resize it yet you'll be able to resize it once it gets in here you're gonna edit the enter the website address with a code because that's what we copied we copied the code and I'm just going to hit control V which is pasting it okay or command V if you're on a Mac update and we'll take just a second and there it is notice it's a little small that's why I said don't resize quite yet and we're gonna move it over here here a little bit and remember this is a medium and so I talked about choosing a medium versus a small mediums are bigger as you can see here and notice I made it as big until I see this black bar this black bar is your navigation bar and the people viewing your site need to have that black bar to be able to go forward in your presentation or play it like I showed you before so I'm going to just move it just over a little bit to make a kind of Center and there it is if you hit the preview button up in the corner you can preview it on your site notice that you can click through the slides the problem is then you have to click all the way back that's why I said look at those options if I hit play it will basically look normal I didn't hit advance on the three slides so there it goes every three seconds etc so what I'm going to show you now is what the smaller one looks like so you can decide which one is better for your homepage so I'm still going to go back to the publish to the web my original all about me I'm going to click small and I'm going to hit restart the slide showed after last slide and I'll show you what that does to the format and I'm going to just copy the code again command C or control C back to my Wix going to add embedded site enter website address put my code here it's really simple once you get a hang of it and we're just going to drag this down below so you can kind of see the difference between the sizes I make it a little bigger there you go and so it still has the same information as my one above but maybe you don't want it as prominent as the medium here I wouldn't use a large on your website it would just be too cumbersome so I would suggest a medium or a small and they will both work the same way so just to preview it here I can still click through the slides and I can still hit play and it will advance slides every 3 seconds if you have any questions please relieve them in the comments and thank you for watching .

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