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How to easily transfer domain ownership from one namecheap account to another namecheap account

hello guys welcome to another episode of namecheap tutorial in this video i will be teaching you guys how to transfer your name cheaper domain from one youtube account to another native account and which is very easy and fast but guys before we proceed further if you are here for the first time please subscribe to my channel and of course turn on the bell notification so that when i drop new content you will be the first to be notified of my
new videos all right guys to proceed this is the first thing you need to do to transfer your domain from one egypt from your niche account to another neighbor account it’s easy and all you have to do is to login into your namecheap account and then you navigate to the domain section which is right here so when you log into your account this is what your account is going to look like let me go to the dashboard and show you what your accounts will
look like when you log in your ninja backend is going to look like this when you’re logging into your account yeah this is the dashboard and this year you will find some of your domains but to search for the domain that you intend to transfer from your domain list all you have to do is to is to go to the left side of your screen and you will find the main list which is right here as you can see guys this is the main list you click on it then you
wait for the page to load while the page finish loading you will find a page like this as you can see this this page contains all your domains as you can see these are my domains but if you can’t find any of your domain yeah you can you can search for it or go to this second page as you can see this page one of theory go to the second page or the tech page depending on how many pages you have so now let’s search for a domain let’s say we want to
transfer this domain let’s search for a domain for example let’s search for okay guys let’s search for this domain recipe hub okay guys to search you just have to click on this on this search box i’m writing the name of the domain you want to search as for me i just search for this domain yeah as you can see this is into me and to transfer a domain all you have to do is to navigate to this session here move your mouse to this place and click on
manage so guys this is where you manage your domain this first button here is to configure your your domain to the right name servers as you can see i’m using with a name chip hosting so there’s no need for me to change so i just have to leave it at this very one year and then keep web hosting dns so to transfer your domain you need to look for the sharing and transfer tab at this place which is right here you click on sherry and transfer as you
can see here page is loading so once the page is done loading this is what the page looks like on namecheap as you can see sharing and transfer so there are different things to consider here when transferring your domain there’s what we call new manager transferring as a new manager means the domain won’t leave your account but the other user will have access to it but won’t be able to transfer to me out of your account so this is not what we
want to do in this video we are going to be transferring ownership from one namecheap account to another ninja account and to do that you need to move your cursor your mass cursor down to this very point that says transfer ads new owner so this is where you put the username or email address of the other person’s name cheap account that is if you are transferring to another user name cheap you put the user’s username here or you put the persons or
the user’s email address here so after putting the email address or username the next thing to do is to click on change then it will pop up a page asking you to put in your password so let’s try something let’s say for example we want to send this is a random user let’s say we want to send to this user and we click on change it to bring out the page asking us to enter our ninty password so immediately you enter your ninja password and you click
on change the ownership will be immediately transferred to this person and this person will have to accept the invitation or accept ownership of the domain so guys that’s the way it is as you can see it is very easy and it doesn’t take much time so guys let’s go back again and let’s try another domain the page is still loading so let’s wait for the page to load and then we’re going to try another domain so this time around we won’t be searching
any domain yeah we’ll be picking one from what we have in the front page so let’s pick this so guys let’s pick this domain let’s pick this one and let’s try it so guys let’s follow the same procedure you move after clicking on domain you tend to manage your transfer you just have to move down to this tab that says sharing and transfer you click on it and you wait for the page to load which is doing right now so after loading you scroll down and
you enter the person’s email address or username please note very well that transferring into me using this particular two year is transferring from one name chip user to another native user that is transferring unachieved from one native user to another name cheap user so that is it guys if you find this video really helpful don’t forget to subscribe and like this video and of course turn on the bell notification because when i drop a new video
you’ll be the first to be notified alright guys bye