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How To Do Domain Mapping On Cpanel With Hostgator

all right yeah this is so again and welcome to another video it’s been quite a while it’s been long since you know we have I had a video like this and you know give you some good you know golden nugget so good tip that you know it might help you one way or the order and today we’re going to be talking about mapping a domain on the cpanel on Hostgator first of all let me let me take you in the back office actually of one of my blogs that i’m
using right now and it isn’t just some few things i just want to show you because i like when i’m sure in a video like this I kind of show you and when I’m writing when I’m talking and writing and typing and kind of show you what I’m talking about rather than just talking on the tin air like that eh I don’t feel like you you’re really getting so I want to show you what I’m talking about as you can see this this blog it’s getting a lot of visitors
coming in because when i started a this alexa ranking by the way if you don’t have this this is a alexa ranking it just basically shows you how how much visitors you’re getting so you can see this is the 63,000 sites it means in terms of visitors in the u.s. so and then the lesser google’s number one by the way and and the lesser this number is and this the better for your site it means you have it you know good amount of visitors every day and I
can prove to you I’ll take you to my cpanel and can show you what I’m talking about but but I found that a you know I didn’t had a little issue you know figuring out how to do a domain mapping and I found its really really important to share with you especially for those of you that like to blog this will be a really really really really good tip for you to to kind of help you you know when you’re doing a domain mapping especially when you’ll see
patent now before you do this by the way the domain name for this blog right now is empower Zomi Leo calm and this is dominion and if you want to change it to to a cool You Know Who domain right there like you know how to make money blogging as you can see right there if you want to change it to how to make money blogging calm you can do that and it’s good for SEO purposes now most people most people you know those people will redirect the domain
but to me it’s not necessarily cool and it’s not cool to just redirect what you want to do is domain Matty so that way you can easily for SEO reasons because if you have a domain of how to make money blogging there’s a high chance that if if they’re searching on search engines you can easily find because think about it is your domain and if you let’s say let me let me take you to the side okay to this let’s go to poke me so I can show you exactly
what I’m talking about yeah let’s say you type in how you see what I’m talking about is as you can see this guy right here you can maybe this is is actually an ad maybe that’s an ad but as you can see right here what I’m talking about is if you you if you have a domain name how to make money blogging it’s a high percent chance that you can rank you can out beat these people right here see you can you can outrank these people because they just
have a page in your website and then you have a domain name how to make money blogging so but one of the thing is I mean this is not just the domain name there’s a lot or factors that will determine your ranking but but what I’m saying is you have a higher percent chance if if let’s say it was a it was a low competition a keyword you have a high percent chance but think about it these guys you know they probably have this site for as long as you
know see this one actually is 2013 oh ok the love the last time I visited the page but it’s like these people that probably be here forever but all what I’m saying is he you know there’s a there’s a high percent chance of you you know our ranking this but I won’t actually go after this this keyword you know because it’s very highly competitive so but actually what I really want to show you today is how to domain mapping let’s say this is just an
example let’s say you choose how to make money blog and calm i and and and your regional domain name was empowered or so how you do that is first of all you go to go daddy whichever bridges registry a competent that use it doesn’t matter i usually use good I’ll be good for daddy and you find the fine the domain just to make sure if it’s available it’s available you go ahead and and purchase the domain and then the next thing you want
to do step number two is you rename your name service by the way whichever place you are purchase of the mains pretty easy you just call them and oh don’t let you don’t let you know so the first thing is registration+ actually find it only that’s just what in units you know you read you start a domain you know basically purchasing the domain that’s what it means and the second thing you want to do this you rename your name service and it’s pretty
easy whichever company you actually purchase your domain from dodo let you know those two point then I did the third partner you want to get you post them you know host and so if you’re using Hostgator then this this video is for you I mean you can actually learn something from the air so you actually go to the backhoe I mean to back office of your natural your cPanel keep sitting back office and then you look for advanced DNS zone so what we’re
doing I want to show you see this is the domain that I’m talking about and by the way you can see you know on my visitors that’s the good thing with cpanel can actually sort of show you the visitors look last month in December guess what I had I had 348 visitors come to my site so you can yes you can see you see this more visitors coming to the cpanel so you can just see I want to show you that one and they show you my blog see that see that so
that’s how you know the lesser this number you can tell they have more visitors so anyways let’s go and last month you know since this new year I’ve had 32 visitors on my site and yesterday I had sex so you can kind of see so this is domain we actually want to change so the next thing you want to do you who want to do math in actually learn when a map out this domain so you want to go to the advanced DNS zone editor and and it’s going to show you
you’re just going to go ahead and choose what domain you want to do mapping as you can see is actually it’s actually not even included well let’s see it’s not even included let you select that one just for the sake of the video I’m not actually doing it because I’m happy with that domain name and and and you probably hopefully you don’t get any more surprises because this video I don’t edit it you know i just thought i’d share something with you
you know that’s actually can i hope so but all you do let’s say it was empowered or zoom and then you you want to do the map it it’s pretty pretty easy so okay see this is this is it actually right here and and you can see that’s the you can see that’s the IP address and and we want to see let me look for a good one okay okay let’s go let’s take this one let’s take this one is actually good see okay let’s take this one because you go
you go to the back horses and then you see let’s see this is the this is the name that it this is the domain that you have right now now let’s say you want to change it you want to change it to how to make money blogging so all you get and you want to honor if that means you feel matted that’s called the main method so all you do you go to edit you are edited she edited so you go now what you’re doing is you’re changing your cname oh anyways you
changes so what you got type right now you just go to how I mean whichever domain name you choose so how to make money guys as simple as the sound that is it this is all you do simply this is all you do and then you push edit that’s it whenever this does the come to this site don’t be actually redirect to the site that is a that is simply domain mapping that’s the easy as it sounds that’s it i’m not going to go ahead and and choose and go ahead
and click Edit record because uh I’m happy with my domain so but I’m just want to show you i just want to show you if you interested you know have been changing your domain you can go ahead and do that and it’s pretty pretty easy so i’ma go ahead and click cancel and guys that is it as simple as I sound by the way it took me about three or four days to figure that out so really happy excited to share that and and as you can see the next time to
prove to you that a lot of visitors are coming the next time I’m shooting a video i will show you this number is you actually reduced to about maybe 50,000 and you know by next year you know you go around 400 so that’s my goal to have a lot of visitors on my site as much as possible and there’s some few things i’m doing to to make this possible so I’m really excited to share with you this video today and you know watch out for my next videos good
tips on how to you know show you different ways of getting traffic to your site until then see you later