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How To Design WordPress Category Page Using Elementor, Gutenberg, Visual Composer….

How can you customize the look and feel of WordPress category page? By default, WordPress category pages show list of posts in that category.

Luckily, there is a simple method that let you edit and customize the category just like you can do with normal page or post. We are going to do that in this video.

Here are the steps by steps:

1. Find the category’s ID
2. Find your current theme
3. Create category-ID.php file in your theme’s folder
4. Install display post shortcode plugin
5. Create the content for your category in a draft post
6. Display the draft post in your category

As you can see, we are going to create a draft post and then display the post content in the category using shortcode. Anyone can do this within a few minutes.

I created a post showing how to create custom category page design with visual composer here:
However, you can apply this method to any other page builder such as elementor, gutenberg, siteorigin…