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How to Design a Logo Using the Mobile App | GoDaddy Studio

Designing your own logo is something you can easily achieve with GoDaddy Studio. We’ll show you how simple and intuitive the process is, plus offer some tips on designing a logo that really stands out, and defines your brand. Learn more about GoDaddy Studio:

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0:00 – It’s easy to design your own logo with GoDaddy Studio!
0:28 – The easiest way to start is with a professionally designed logo templates.
1:17 – Or take the creative challenge of beginning with a blank canvas.
1:28– Or start from scratch, with your brand’s name in the perfect font.
2:56 – Further customize your logo by adjusting the text.
3:21 – An all-text logo (wordmark) is one way to go.
3:55 – Adding a second line of text to you logo, pairing fonts.
4:54 – It’s even common to have a 3rd or 4th line of text.
5:47 – If it looks good in black & white, try out some color options.
6:24 – Dive into the thousands of logo graphics in our library.
7:55 – Graphics and shapes can create a frame or a flourish for your logo.
9:07 – Your logo graphic could be abstract, lateral, or literal.
10:43 – Or perhaps use your brand’s initial as a graphic icon.
11:47 – Try it out for yourself right now by downloading the free app!

GoDaddy Studio offers all the options to make your photos look like stunning designs. From using your own pics or choosing from a goldmine of free stock images available on Unsplash and Pixabay, the world of photos is available at your fingertips. You can also edit images using an array of photo editing tools and filters, including custom cropping and resizing options. Want to add graphics and colors to your image to make it pop? You can do that, too. And just like that, you’ve got a stunning design that’ll make your brand look professional.

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