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hey guys welcome to another video episode of shoutmeloud and in this video you are going to learn how you can delete WordPress installation on Bluehost hosting so there could be many reason that you want to delete your WordPress installation let's say you just purchased hosting from Bluehost and the automatic installer is taking too much time well you can install WordPress and install WordPress manually I think that is way faster maybe you are just testing out what press installation on a new domain and you want to restart everything you can use this feature to delete WordPress and install WordPress from scratch so let's go ahead and learn how we can delete wordpress on bluehost hosting so this is the Bluehost dashboard and once you're logged in you need to click on my sites now here you will see the list of all the sites where WordPress is installed now you can click on manage site and click on settings and here you will see all this options where you need to look for this option called delete site click on delete confirm site deletion by clicking delete and that's it so your wordpress installation is deleted like you can see this is installed WordPress now if i refresh this page it will give 4:03 four-bit a narrator and that's it now I can actually install WordPress again by going to marketplace click on add website and from here I can quickly install WordPress within few clicks now I will talk about that in upcoming videos to check out my other videos to understand how to do various other things on Bluehost hosting I hope this video helped you to understand something important about blue dashboard if you have any other question feel free to let me know using the contact form I will see in the next video bye bye this is harsh .

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In this video you will learn how you can delete WordPress installation on a Bluehost hosting. You might wanna do this for multiple reasons such as:

Failure of automatic WordPress installation
Stuck WordPress installation

Do remember, when you do this, you will lose all the data and settings of WordPress. So use it, only when you know this is the last resort,

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