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How to Delegate Account Access in GoDaddy

WordJack Media

This WordJack video will demonstrate how to provide WordJack with delegated access to your Godaddy account without having to share your username and password.

To start, go to and sign in.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see Account Settings at the top where you’ll be able to find ‘Delegate Access’ in the dropdown menu.

Here, under the ‘People who can access my account’ section, you’ll find and click on “Invite to access”.

Here you can type in ‘WordJack Media’ for the name. And the email address of your WordJack web marketing manager. Select the ‘Products, Domain and Purchase’ option as, even though we will not make any purchases without your consent, the other options do not grant us the proper domain setting changes that we require. And once you click ‘Invite’ your WordJack web marketing manager will receive an email asking them to join. The domain team at WordJack will link the invitation to our secure corporate Godaddy account and they will be ready when the time comes to launch your new website.

And finally, please notify your WordJack web marketing manager that you have completed this invite process.