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How To Customize WooCommerce Checkout Page With Elementor Widgets (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

In this video, I show you how to create a customized WooCommerce checkout page that looks compelling, credible, and convincing with Elementor templates and widgets.

Here are the timestamps for your reference:

[2:11] How to use WooCommerce Checkout Page Templates for Elementor (One-Click Import) to build beautiful checkouts

[5:17] Customizing a WooCommerce checkout template built by Aero in Elementor

[6:48] Customizing the colors of the tabs in case of a multi-step WooCommerce checkout form

[7:51] How to adjust the checkout form width so that it looks exactly how you want it

[9:35] – Customizing your WooCommerce Checkout page for mobile- Let’s look at how to make the CTA button sticky and the order summary collapsible

[10:36] – How to make your checkout page look approachable and friendly by creating sections on the page that are well-separated from each other

[12:40] – How to append a mini cart on your checkout page so that users can adjust the quantity, delete item(s), recover deleted items from the checkout page itself

[13:39] – Making the coupon section on your checkout page collapsible and customizing the section

[14:04] How to add products and set discount on them in case you’re creating product-specific checkout page

[14:43] Customizing the WooCommerce checkout form so as to add, edit, re-order fields, add a section on your checkout page and do so much more!

[15:53] Optimizing your WooCommerce checkout page for conversions by adding features like Google Address Autocomplete, Express Checkout, and more!

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