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hi it's Leah from build a site with Leah calm in this video I want to talk to you about the header and footer of your website the header is found at the very top and in this example it contains the name of the company and the horizontal menu and then the footer is found at the very bottom and in this example it contains the copyright text and a social bar now both the header and the footer will appear on each page of your Wix website use the drag-and-drop feature to add anything to your header and footer in this case I've got a local and I can drag it into place and then when I see the attach to header message it means that this will now be visible on every page of my site to resize either the header or footer look for the stretch handle and then simply move it up and down to get the look that you want you can also freeze the header so that it always stays in place even when you scroll down to do that click the Settings icon and then click the toggle button where it says freeze header so in this case it's on and in this case it's off and then if you click Change header design you can also very easily change the look of your header itself I'm going to click on this one and you'll see that it adds a line at the bottom of the header area and it applies right away so have fun with that and if you want to get more detailed click this button to customize the design and lastly you can choose to hide the header and footer on a specific page if you want to do that go to your pages menu and click on a specific page let's just use an example here of our take a tour page so what would we do is we click on the circle icon at the bottom and we click on layout and then here choose the option for no header and footer click done and now you'll see that on that specific page let's just preview it there's no header and footer visible now since you've removed the header with the navigation menu some people like to add a button to the page that will take them back to the home page for example where they could continue to navigate so just keep that in mind and if we go to the footer back to our home page and go to the bottom again you want to have a look at how your footer looks you can change the design very easily by clicking on the background and changing footer design click on the text to edit the text and then if you want to remove any elements for example if you didn't want these social links you can simply select the social links and then click delete or they garbage can on the toolbar and that would be removed so those are the basics of working with your header and footer I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and I'll see you next time thanks for watching .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]Learn how to customize your header and footer by adding or removing elements, resizing it, freezing the header and hiding it from specific pages of your Wix website.[/toggle]


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