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How to create Professional Email from your domain in ipage hosting

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This video I will show you how to create a professional email for your business in Ipage hosting.

hi what’s up youtube today i’m going to show you how you can create your professional email for your domain account let’s check it out welcome back to clicks to learn youtube channel today episode i will show you how you can create your email in the ipad hosting so after you log in as your username password and you’re getting here and how do you get started and how do you set up your email account for your domains so right here i have my
domain which is stirred with the i page i paid hosting and this is the new look of ipage for the last few years i have removed some some like uh old website of ipage but today ipad was developed and changed the interface and the way we looking so today we are going to walk through how you can create your email your domain email for your business your personal use for your domain in this video so let’s go to create the domain for i mean create
email for this domain so you go to select your domains on the left hand side you can see the uh the function available for you you can build your website you can build your wordpress and right here you can manage your email so today we are going to create the email for your domain if you point your domain to google or gmail you can go to g suite to configure g suite but you have to pay more five or six dollars for a month for an account or you
can create the microsoft 365 maps to your domain as well so today we are not going to use uh g suite or any microsoft products but we use the standard email so let’s go to standard under the email management and simple here you can click on the plus icon say add email right here and then choose test test at and choose your password so let type in your strong password and then click create mailbox all right now it’s going to create an
email box for you right here very fast so one mailbox has 500 megabytes and now you can start using your email immediately so let’s go to launch your email so at the moment we so at the moment we have created two email demo that i do man and the test dot my domain now let’s checks now let’s try to send the email and receive the email we also send out the email which is not owned by ipage hosting you can try with the gmail the microsoft outlook as
well so right here i have the opening the rank should by clicking on this launch emails so this one is testing.mydomain and another one is the so i’m going to send out from demo remove to the testing so i’m going to use this at and the subject testing sending out the the email hello um testing test okay this is the email testing from my new mouth okay this base demo so now i’m going to send it out and see if the
testing email is receiving the email that i just created and send it out i’m going to chrome process and going to refresh okay now i got the email from the uh nemo at my domains just open it up yeah this is the email testing from my new email that’s great now let’s reply to this email reply all just replied just fine okay now i’m going to write something hi demo yes i’m reserved receive i’m receiving your email okay send it back to demo send it
okay one two three and go to demo refresh three two one yeah now i’m getting the email back from the demos okay now we’re going to send it send the email to another email services like gmail i’m going to send to my gmails okay testing new email from my page all right yeah i should know it is the testing email from ip hosting mailbox okay um from demo okay right here send it out now i’m going to open the gmail okay let’s see wow it’s
first here you can see that demo is sending out the email from the i page item node is it the testing for email now let’s reply get backs got it thanks send it back oh we can for about two forward to um that’s at some do you see this email okay just send it out now go to the demo oh this one testing demo is on here now you can see the testing email from the ipage open it and you can see it is the email from my gmail and here is the
message also you can see from the yeah that gmail that just forwarded on right here so the email is working fine you can create uh well for your company organization to for your domain as well so thank you for watching this uh tutorial how to create the email for your domain in the i page hosting and the next video we’re going to upload or to install wordpress on the ipa as well and see how you can apply the wheel in the built-in wordpress window
i page and how how it works in the next video thanks for watching if you like my video please subscribe to my channel i’m really appreciate that you have subscribed and watch this uh watch my channel and please give me the thumbs up so that i have motivated to do some more video thank you