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How To Create Custom Forms on Wix | Ascend by Wix Tutorial

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Wix Question Answered: How To Create Custom Forms on Wix?

In this Ascend by Wix Tutorial, we dive into the best way to create custom forms in Wix. There are two main methods to creating custom user input forms inside of Wix. Between Wix Forms and Corvid Forms. Wix Forms is a pre-built Wix application that is native to Wix and integrates into all of the Wix apps. Corvid forms are custom developed and give you freedom to utilize the data and collect the data in whichever manner you’d like.

Should you use Wix Forms or Corvid Forms?

This is a fantastic question. Wix Forms are the easiest to use and roll out on your website. They are especially nice, because they come pre-set to integrate with additional native Wix apps without any additional development labor. However, they don’t give you the complete freedom that Corvid Forms would. I would recommend Corvid Forms when you are custom developing a platform. It gives you more control over how you collect and display data.

Utilizing this tool is just the beginning of all the amazing features you have access to on Wix. Although, if you have never used custom forms in Wix, I would highly recommend giving this a shot. It could truly enhance your site member or site visitors experience.

However, maybe you would like to save some time, stress and frustration and get a professional platform built out for you. If that is the case, my team and I can build your platform. Just head here and drop us a line:
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