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How to Create Blog With iPage [Easy & Fast]

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I have been using iPage for over 3 years and I currently own and host 08 domains with them. I have never had any big issue with their service. I did once have a small issue where one of my sites got hacked.

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hey guys josh is ammar hey I just wanted to put together a quick I paid to review for those of you that are considering using them as hosting provider I’ve been using them for about two years now and I haven’t had one single problem with their service they’re reliable they’re inexpensive and they have some great customer service and they’re always available if you ever have any problems with your website as you can see on the homepage over
here to have all their support contact information right smack on the homepage just in case you ever have any problems so that’s one thing that I felt really comfortable with that I knew that they would have my back if anything was ever wrong with my website and and it actually proved to be true because I recently one of my websites got hacked and you know do they injected a bunch of malware on my domain and every time someone went to my website
and said you know warning this website cannon you know cause your computer has a virus and a bunch of stuff so I contacted them and they were able to clear everything up within the hour they did have to escalate it up to their malware team but you know within the hour i got an email with a full report of everything they found and a full report of everything that was removed and then my website was back up and running so that’s something that I
definitely was important at least to me to be able to have someone there that I know can help me if I ever have any issues with my website and they’re definitely definitely there to help out so if you go ahead and click on the link it’s usually about eight bucks a month but if you click on the link that’s going to be in the description area you’ll be able to get this this discount at three dollars and fifty cents per month so just click on the
link on the description area and set up your account and go ahead and load up your domain once you do that I also what the good thing that you get with this plan you get unlimited bandwidth and email which is great that means that you know you’ll be able you have a website that loads up pretty quickly and you know you can actually you go ahead and put together pretty big website that all and and they can handle you know the data you have you know
you can register your domain for free you have a security and which is you know here when should you ever have any issues with your domain and one of my other favorite things about I page is that they have the one-click install for you know any software that you want to use to create a website i use a mostly wordpress so once i buy my domain and I put it on my hosting account I usually can have WordPress installed within 5 to 10 minutes so I can
with I page I can have well i can buy a domain i can put it on my hosting account have a complete website set up within just a few hours just because they allow me to install wordpress so quickly and once wordpress is installed you can go ahead and just quickly create the website but that’s pretty much it i mean that i haven’t had any issues with them the customer service is great their prices are great and they’re you know they’re they’re
loading times are extremely great for websites you know you don’t there’s a lot of hosting providers out there that you know their servers aren’t that great so your website loads extremely slow but I don’t have that problem with I page so you know if you have any questions or any comments go ahead and leave them in the description area below and again if you click on the link that’s going to be in the description air you can sign up for this this
sale that’s going on right now I don’t know when they’re going to remove it so just make sure you click on the link is going to be on the description area and you can go ahead and get this half off deal but if for some reason you’re not happy with I page they to offer and any time money back guarantee which is also a great thing so you know that’s pretty much it click on the link in the description area sign up for your account and start enjoying
your I page hosting account