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How To Create and Use Repeaters in Wix Code – Wix Code Tutorial 2018

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Are you asking: How to create and use repeaters on Wix Code?

Adding and using repeaters on Wix Code has become so user friendly. You can literally drag and drop a repeater on to your page and then connect that repeater to a Wix Code database. Thus, displaying dynamic information on Wix in a uniform design is so user friendly, it is almost crazy!

Now, some real life application! What does the power of learning how to add and use repeaters in Wix Code do for you? Well, it actually does much more than you think. By learning this simple section of Wix Code it opens a world of possibilities for you. Repeaters in Wix Code allow you take information and display it dynamically and uniformly per each row in your database.

This knowledge takes you a step closer to being able to build a website like Airbnb. Which, did you know you actually have the functionality in Wix to build a website like Airbnb?

I jus thought this was some awesome motivation and real application that you could use!

Also, if you are ever interested, my team does build custom Wix websites and we are Wix Certified as well as Wix Megastar Winner from 2017. We are Wix Code developers that can also build you websites utlizing the newest tools available on the platform. If you are interested, feel free to reach out via email:
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