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How to Create and Setup Email Accounts in HostGator Cpanel How to create and setup email accounts using HostGator Cpanel and turning on the Spam Assassin email filter utilitly

hi this is Marcus eaten with web tools help calm and today we’re going to go through a tutorial of setting up your hostgator cpanel email accounts so setting up a new email account for your website through hostgator and we’re going to assume that you’ve already set up your hostgator account and logged in to your cPanel I’m going to be looking for our mail section which there’s a second section here we’re going to click on email accounts and
that’s we’re going to be able to set up our new email account section it’s going to bring up this add new email account form here and this is how we’re going to get started we’re first section that they have forces email this is where we literally go ahead and and generate the name of the email and we would want to create today we’re actually going to create an email called Marcus at web tools help calm so we’re going to go click on this and I’ve
been markets it and it already gives us our at web tools help calm you can select a different domain if you didn’t want the domain that is selected their second section is going to ask you to generate a password and it’s also going to help you out and give you a password strength meter here that tells you how strong your password is as well as give you a password generator button I prefer my own password just personal reason it’s a little easier
for me to remember but please feel free to use that password generator if you feel the need to but you can also enter in your own password and tweak it if the strength doesn’t come up to a hundred percent like this so that’s a good password so we’ll use that one it’s going to ask us to type it again so we want to make sure that they match and they do we can tell that by that little checkbox so that’s wonderful next section is going to be the
mailbox quota this is an optional section it gives you a default in box size of 250 megabytes which is plenty of size for a normal average inbox so I’m going to go ahead and leave this as default and if you have a need to change it you can feel free to do so so so we filled out our form here and the next thing we would want to do is click create and that will go ahead and say create say cancer and it says account created okay so it says that
Marcus at webtools health has been created and it asks us here at the bottom do you wish to configure your account to work with a male client or outlook or mail application and you can follow that wizard to set that up and we also will have a tutorial on that in the future but we’ve gone ahead and that is setting up your email account through the Hostgator account so they will say no and that will bring us back to our main page and you will see
the first account here is the email account is Marcus at web tools help and that is set up now once you come back into this section you can configure the mail client right here just choose which email address you would like you can change your password you can also change the quota which is the size of the inbox or you could delete that email address if for any reason you needed to do that so those are those are your going to be your
functionalities here on the side next thing we’re going to do is going to go ahead and click back on home bring us back to our dashboard I’m going to go to that same section mail and we’re going to look for spam assassin we’re going to click on spam assassin and what we’re going to do is enable spam assassin this is something that you want to do to help prevent the influx of any kind of spam that might be coming into that email address let’s see
what we have here attempting to enable spam assassin missing headers okay so what we have here is is explaining to you what it’s going to block and choose to consider spam and so what it’s going to do is anything that’s missing a header or missing the midsection missing subject missing headers missing just the headers message novus and no receive so all these these sections are going to be coming in so anything that says that looks like an
advertisement or the system is going to go ahead and put in your spam folder and so it is now enabled and we’re going to go back and you can filter this and you can you can go through and actually define certain aspects that you would like the spam assassin to consider spam can click on the configure spam assassin button down here at the bottom and then it’s going to give you a lot of blacklist sources so you could actually put specific email
addresses or specific people in there too to black list or whitelist and say okay these are fine and then save your changes so it’s pretty simple just walk through the configuration if you choose to do that not completely necessary you can just enable it let the spam assassin do its default settings and then just check your spam box every once a while just to make sure that there’s nothing in there that you would like to be to be considered not
spam and that is going to be the end of our tutorial today of setting up an email account through your hostgator cpanel and setting up the spam assassin it’s been a pleasure look forward to giving more tutorials here shortly and if you have any questions you can always email me at marcos eaten at web tools help calm or marcus at web tools help calm that we set up today and i’ll get to those questions as soon as I can thank you so much