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How to: create and maintain an online store using Wix

here in this video I will show you how to use Wix how to create an online store and how to maintain one so first I’ll tell you a little bit about Wix Wix is a website that you can use to not only create websites but also host them so it’s really nice for anyone that may not know a lot about online websites making them coding or anything this is basically the simple tool to help you get around it all and it’s great because it has everything
right in one so in order to start making your website here I have a couple of my own however normally you if you are just beginning you would not have them so we’re going to start by creating a new site now what’s nice with Wix is that they give you templates that you can go off of this is super helpful if you know you need some ideas or you just need some inspiration so they have all different types and all of them look different so let’s just
pick an easy one I’ll start with this one so we’re just going to choose to edit it okay if you are our first-time user to Wix they will welcome to Wix you’re on your way to creating a video website however we’re just going to skip that for now since that’s basically what I’m trying to do so we have website coming soon and what’s nice is you want to make a change you just click right on it it’ll come up edit text and do that and now you have your
bar of bold italicize underline size font spacing everything you need right here font color so we’ll just say our webstore so now what we want to do is actually set up our store so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to add we’re going to go to online store easy enough okay for us they added a new page to our website and look at that they made a layout for us just to give us an idea of what it’s going to look like show you how to set
stuff up so it’s cool cuz you can kind of see what it’s going to look like before you even do anything to it so now well play around with actually doing our own so we’re going to go to the app settings your page loads this is what you’re originally going to get so we’ll get to collections later so what we’re going to do now is manage store so the screen will load and we can see there’s options on the side which I will work through but here we can
see these are the products that they had just uploaded for us to see on the example so what we’re going to do is we’re going to delete those because we don’t need them we’re making our own store so after those are deleted okay and with a blank page we can now add a new product so I’m going to start with the image just because I basically want to show what we’re working with so we’re going to scroll down to where its product images we’re going to
click to add a product image so here are pictures that I have already uploaded Wix also gives you free images to use on your websites however none of them are really any that we would want for our store so we’re going to upload new images now what I did is I made just a folder here of a couple images to use however normally you could obviously search wherever your pictures are you could select all of them click open however I actually already
uploaded the pictures so we’re going to have them right here what you can then do if you want you can make a folder we’ll call it clothing store now we can drag our images into the clothing store folder that way it will just keep things more organized down the road in case like me you end up with a lot of photos you don’t have to get confused so missing one missing this shorts okay now we have them all there so we just want to add one image to
start so we’ll start with the t-shirt keep it simple so we added the image that we want to use and then we’re going to go back up so product name we’re going to add one so we’ll just call it t-shirt next you set the price that you want you can do it for whatever you want we will say that the t-shirt is going to be ten dollars this selects if you want it visibly on the store not because say you add a product but you write in a stock and you want
to take it off you don’t have to delete the whole product so instead you can just make it invisible so it’s still in your collection however it’s not going to appear online to your shoppers so we want this to be visible now if you want we can add a short description of your product so just for our sake we’ll say a 100% cotton t-shirt comes in a variety of colors that’s just so we’ll be able to see what having a description looks like as we go
down we can now do product attributes if we want so if we want to set a discount for the product we can do that discounted price and now with collections collections would basically be a better way to organize your products if you do have a lot of them kind of how I did with just the images but say you are a store that sold cellphones you could do a collection called Verizon and have all the Verizon phones and then all the AT&T phones and
then all the Sprint phones or you could even do AI phones as the collection and then do Samsung but basically collections are just a better way to keep yourself organized so that’s not something we’re going to use right now but it’s definitely something that comes in handy so then going down we have inventory and options you can either track the inventory or don’t track the inventory of course this matters if you say have 40 shorts that four
t-shirts that you want to sell you can track the inventory to basically keep up with if you know it’s there or not and of course we’re going to say that we have this in stock now because we’re doing clothing this product does have options like size color or material so in order to show you I’m going to drop this down and we can do a list or we can do color so since I send the description it comes in a variety of colors we’ll start with that so
what we’re going to use is color and we’re going to say that the t-shirt comes in below and what’s cool is it comes up and then you can select the actual blue you want so do you want to oil woo you want a lighter blue we’ll go with the lighter now we’ll say it comes in red red simple enough we’ll choose red then we’ll say green green you can change as well we’ll say it’s like a brighter green and that’s enough for now well add another option now
we’ll do this one as a list and we’re going to do size that way you can choose if you want it in a small medium large or extra large so that gives us our options there now we can do this if we want if we want to say if the shirt was a special shirt it had special care instructions like do not put in dryer we could do that here in an info section but we don’t really need that for us so what we’re going to do is save our product after it’s saved we
can now see we have this fully set up so what we’re going to do is now we’re just going to X this out to see oh now we have in our store we have our t-shirt so now let’s add another product so we’re going to go back we’re going to manage the store and oh it’s different now it’s less so let’s add another product we’re going to add sweatpants right so we’re going to say $20 let’s add our sweatpants make sure that image comes up it does so we’re
going to go down we’re going to add a product option let’s start with color like we said before these come in gray or they come in black and we’ll add size small medium or large okay we’re going to go down we’re going to save okay we’re going to close so we now have two items in our store I’ll just add one more product for show we’re going to say shorts we’ll say $15 add the image and we’ll just say they only come in one color this time so we’re
just going to do size small medium large okay we gotta save we’re going to close okay this is basically just saying that we should give our site a name which we won’t do for now we’re just going to continue editing so close this so now we can see we have multiple options and you go here we now have all of our items in the store so well I’m going to bring us back to the store settings we’re going to manage the store num now I’ll show you just
collections would be right now we just have one collection but if you were to separate them into multiple collections they would be here go down to orders and we have no orders just yet but in a little while I’m going to show you an example of what the order page would look like we’re going to go down to coupons so if we wanted we could add a coupon and say half price the coupon code can be half so we want it to be US dollar discount percent
discount or free shipping and since we set half price let’s say it’s a percent discount and we’re going to say 50% off if you want you can start the promotion on a certain day you can even say tomorrow and if you want you can set an end date however we’ll just say for now that has an end date and you can even limit the coupon uses to one use or however many you want but this way a customer can only use the coupon once they can’t use it multiple
times and we’re going to create the coupon so that’s super cool and something you can definitely make use of so there’s obviously other coupons we can make but that’s just we’re going to use for now and of course you can turn it off or turn it on and how you want now we’ll look at payments now there are different ways you can set up payments authorized on net is similar to PayPal I’m sure a lot more of you are familiar with PayPal so I feel as
though PayPal’s the easiest one to use all you do is you would set up a PayPal account for your business you connect it with your business and PayPal does take a small amount but it’s kind of the price you pay but or if you want you can do an offline payment it basically would just send an email to the business whenever someone makes a purchase and you instruct to the buyer how to pay if you want to check or whatever and so obviously this is free
because there’s no other person in the mix but you do have to actually handle the money rather than PayPal is just given directly to you so these are different options that you can use then we want to look at shipping and tax this is you can set up your shipping so say we just want to keep it in the United States let’s say I only want to ship to you specific regions and we’ll say the United States will say all 51 states is fine so now we’ll set a
shipping roll what will you charge for shipping so let’s just say we’ll apply it to all of our regions standard shipping like put in and we’ll say just $5 base fee and of course depending on your business you can say what the estimated delivery time is you don’t have to put this in but we’ll say 7 to 10 business tax is also basically the same as shipping if you want to add tax you just add a tax rule you can apply it to all regions if you do want
to make it simplify you code but keep it simple we’re just going to say apply this ruled all regions and we’ll just say 6% tax rate so now because you did that that will automatically get added in to the cost of the product that your customers purchasing so that’s basically everything we can do here in there we’ll wait for products to come up and if you want any time at all when you’re working on wex if you click preview it’ll basically show you
what your website is going to look like so this is basically what it would look like fits up online and running so let’s say we want to buy t-shirt we click on the t-shirt it’ll come up and what we did here we had added our different color options so you can choose to evident blue red or green we’ll say we want an extra large shirt can select the quantity you want we’ll say we just need one we’re going to add it to our cart what’s cool is it pops
up on the side here you’ve added your first item and your cart and so say now I want to view my card you can click right here or if not well make it go down and let’s actually hidden here behind this Wix there’s a little cart it’s a little shopping cart so if you click on that it’ll do the same thing so we’ll just say well view our cart and look here we have our t-shirt color green size extra large and price so you know we did those coupons
earlier so let’s apply our coupon he said the coupon code was half Oh see it’s not working yet because we have it set to start tomorrow so that’s what how you would add the coupon though and from here you want you can either add more quantity you can do more than if you want you can check out of course here in the preview mode it’s not going to let us do anything because you have to actually setup your thing your account first so no that’s there
but I’ll give you an example of what it would actually look like in a live version this is a website that I have actually already created it’s for a company and they have an online store which is up and running and everything so what I did is I went into the store and I added two items into the cart just so I can demonstrate what this looks like actually live so we have the two items it shows what our total is but since we want to ship the items
what we do is we’re shipping to the US and say we want to ship to Massachusetts we select Massachusetts what this does for us is it automatically calculates the shipping fees that we had set up and the tax fees as well so now we have our new total what we can do is check out and basically well we have this set up to run with PayPal so it opens up to this screen and basically it has our total here it shows us everything and here you can either pay
with your PayPal account or I could simply plug in my credit card and all my information so that’s just to show you how a live version would actually run and another thing I wanted to show you was if you go into the store our order page on the one that I have this is basically what the order screen would look like I told you earlier that I would show you what one actually does look like so basically here what we have is all orders that have been
plays and if you click to open it it will tell you basically up top it will tell you the buyer details payment details and shipping details and down below it has the items and if we want to complete the order we can complete the order if not we can just go back and we have our info here that we want so basically that was just I just wanted to show you what a live one actually looks like when it’s up and running so we’re back on our store that we
set up and basically I just wanted to show you one last thing that if you have your items up and you actually want to edit them you’re going to right click to put up the settings I’m going to pull up the actual settings and then we’re going to manage the store and say we want to change the shorts because our shorts actually ended up coming in another color so we can add the option of color we’re going to say grey or white done and that would
basically be to edit a product that you already did we’re going to close this from here another thing I want to show you is just how to rearrange the order of your products so of course it’s pretty simple just says to rearrange the order of your projects click here but say we wanted our t-shirt first we can move that we want our shorts last there we go and it’s literally that simple so that is definitely something very easy basically this is
really all there is to using Wix to create an online store and maintain an online store it’s really nothing that hard basically anything you really need to do if you right-click click on settings click manage store it’s all basically done in here like I showed you your products collections orders coupons payments shipping and tax Wix is very user friendly basically if you play around with it a bit you’ll basically be able to figure out anything
you need to know Wix also has a wiki so makes it easy that other people have had the same problem as you you can just go look there and see if hopefully maybe someone solved that issue that you’ve had but I do hope that this video has been of some help and if you do need to create an online store you like to use Wix and hopefully use some of the tips that I gave you so thanks for watching