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How to create an invoice in Wix – Wix Website Tutorial For Beginners 2017

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Creating an invoice in Wix is very easy to accomplish using Wix’s Invoice Manager app that easily pulls reports and allows you to send invoices to clients or customers that used the Wix Stores app or any Wix app that allows you to accept payments. It is very simple to use and comes in handy when you are running a business. Also, invoices make it much easier to keep your orders and business organized. So, creating an invoice in Wix is very simple to accomplish.
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what is up guys computer I’m Gilbert here and we are about two days out from Christmas now and I wanted to make you guys another video now for the rest of the weekend until Christmas you can probably count me out of videos because I’m going to be spending that time with my family grandparents are in out of town all exciting things so until next week this will be my final video for the weekend but I hope you guys all have a very Merry Christmas
and I look forward to catching up with all of you afterward but again have a very Merry Christmas with your families and remember Christmas is a time you know not only for gifts but a time to spread joy spread love so go out there enjoy that time and try to you know maximize that time with your family your friends people that you love so just a nice little message before we hop into the video which is and has been requested how to add or make an
invoice here in Wix a lot of people use which stores maybe you don’t even just use which stores you just need to create an invoice it can be done so let me show you how to do it so first you’re gonna come into your website’s dashboard if you don’t know where that is you guys would just go to my sites you would then come down here click on select your site whatever one you’re working in and need an invoice for and then you’re gonna see a bunch of
different titles now I’m working on a very wide screen right here so your titles may not have this many per row but you would then find the invoices title you’ll then click manage invoices once you do that you see over here on the left you have a couple different things you see you have your products and services listed here your reports you know your summaries revenue summary tax summaries settings and payments how you get accepted or how you
accept payments on on your website but if you go to my invoices you can see new invoice you would simply click new invoice add your business name business email and then BAM you could come right here to the customer you could choose one straight from your list date of issue they discount if they got one the product and service that they you know requests that are paid for the description and then what the price would be and then BAM you send out
an invoice you could add notes or legal terms and then you send it straight out it’s very convenient it’s very easy to do and it’s that simple that’s how you add a new invoice here in the back end of which in your dashboard other than that guys if this video helped you out please drop a like down below comment if you have any questions at all and don’t forget to subscribe to me here on computer and be of Guilbert also guys head over to I’ll just
pull it off word right here it’s this website that I’m on Wix my website comm this is my website make sure you get here don’t I and I thought I believe this gotta go delete that make sure you get here on these weekly Wix tips email list it’s been really helping people out and I send out value bonds all the time with great wicks information different wicks info and you guys are the first to hear about it so make sure you go sign up for that and
just so you know my team and I specialize in which web design so if you guys are looking into getting a website built or redesigning your current website or even just have some questions you might want to purchase a paid call that works too we’re here for you feel free to head over to the website go to the experts page or scroll down you can ask an expert or hire an expert here just like that that’s simple but other than that guys have a very
Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you afterward thank you very much good night