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Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

today in this video I will be taking me through the steps for creating a stylish user-friendly website with Wix calm web Stockholm uses a code free front end technology making it easy for everyone to get online with a fully functional responsive website whether you're a photographer wanting to create a portfolio website or a business owner looking to expand your company this tutorial should provide you with the skills needed to build your own original design let's get started so if you don't already have an account with Wix calm you're going to want to sign up you also have the option to continue with Facebook or with Google applying your personal details from each of these accounts to your Wix profile so we're going to sign up you when you have typed in your email and your password just click sign up and it will take you to the next stage of registration now that you have completed the signup process you're ready to create your website so what kind of website do you want to create before you start to build your website I would recommend having a brief look at the web design process this will give you the background knowledge for your design research is really just finding out information related to your project to give you a better understanding of ways to carry out the development stage looking out competing websites is also a good practice to make sure that your design is original planning is where you'll start to map out your website structure and content do you want one long page including all the content or five different pages linked with a navigation bar will you include videos and images if so which of each will you choose the design stage of the process is the creative side of the planning really color theory and typography logos and branding are things you want to consider also taking into consideration your overall design from your research at the beginning and finally development which is tying all of the previous research planning and design together to build your website after going through the design process hopefully by now you have a better understanding of what website you will be building and what it's going to look like the purpose of this video is to show you how to navigate throughout the interface using the elements and tools the wax has to offer and we're going to start by clicking start with Wix editor as you can see Wix offer a huge amount of templates to choose from relating to all sorts of things like online store business photography design restaurants and food accommodation but for now we will be using a blank template and starting from scratch and as you can see Wix has now opened a new tab for the Wix editor to come into play and it is a completely blank canvas with only the header page body and footer sections marked out on the screen just before we start there are a few main elements of the editor I would like to talk about as they will be used consistently throughout the building process to the left of the screen we have the element buttons starting at the top we have the background which will allow you to change the background of the canvas and also edit the canvas in more advanced ways secondly we have ad which are the building blocks of your website these will be everything when it comes to building your website the Wix app market so this will allow you to add in outside apps to your website my uploads is where all your images for your website will be as you can see I have already uploaded quite a few images for our website today and videos I will be showing me how to upload these in a short while start your Wix blog ok so share your expertise in your own blog keep visitors on your site for longer with engaging content and increase your visibility I'm Google to attract more visitors which is search engine optimization essentially and I will be talking about that towards the end of the tutorial cell online so create an online store or shop which is ecommerce whether that's selling clothes or paintings this will be for you bookings to take bookings on your website if you're creating a restaurant or a spa website this will allow you to create a calendar booking system for your site moving on we have the pages which is up in the top left of the screen this is where you navigate between the pages of your website you will start off automatically with your home page you have a few options for your page to rename it duplicate it to make a copy of it to hide your page or to delete it as you've seen me just in the settings is just the more advanced settings for these beasts for page info layouts permissions and page SEO this will bring them up in a more detailed manner to add a page we use the add page button and as you can see you can add a new page add a link to your menu or menu header we're just going to click add new page for the meantime and rename it tersh I'm gonna add another page as you seen I have before contact us from contact us is automatically put itself above tersh we just click hold I'm drag and drop to move that so we have the site settings save preview publish we also have these buttons in a quicker shortcut form up on the top of the screen upgrade so this would be to upgrade to your Wix premium connect to your domain I will talk about that towards the end of the tutorial also and mobile editor right this also has a shortcut button up here I'll get to that in a moment today it's very important exit editor site history site my husband we won't really be using any of them today we have toolbar which is this little box right here and this will allow you to edit your elements or sections that you add into your page we also have rulers as you can see is appeared at the top of the screen but we will not need that today gridlines which is more which are marking ight your header page body and footer section I feel they are essential we have the Help button a step-by-step help to getting your website up and running keyboard shortcuts we will be using connecting a domain upgrade to get a free domain to connect to your site enjoy a limited bandwidth and extra storage connect Google Analytics and remove Wix Brown ads to upgrade start by saving your site we might be upgrading later in this tutorial zoom in and out of your website we have undo and redo buttons which will be very helpful if you make a mistake you can undo it or if you delete something by accident you can redo it and I'll bring it back now the mobile editor I think is very important because Wix automatically generate a mobile responsive design for your website which is everything nowadays that's all people do people don't have the time to sit and look up a website on a computer mostly the younger generation will just lift up the closest device which is normally a phone so welcome to the mobile editor change is made here won't affect your desktop site your site is automatically optimized to look amazing on a mobile see what you can do okay so as you can see mobile menu header page and a footer section I'm going to switch back to the desktop view as I said before she of preview and published preview is what your site will look like when it is life back to editor now that we have went through all the elements and tools of the page we can start to build our website so I would like to start off by showing you if you double click your page section obviously you've got the header and the footer section at the bottom the middle section double click it and you will see pH design pop up if this doesn't pop up click change page design you can also change the page background but we're just going to change the design so far so you can take away the color right now the background is white we are going to use a translucent gray design for the page now that we've done that a ton of colors for the background of your page of your canvas should I say but we are going to use an image now I wax offer lots of free images also and videos to go with that just simply click the category that's most relevant to you or else search that image we also have illustrations patterns and textures so if you want a patterned background or textured background all very very nice stuff however we will be using an uploaded image of mine for the background and to upload an image you simply click upload images click the image that you want to upload and click open this will upload your image to Wix we're just going to simply select the picture I want to use as my background and click change background so as you can see now we have the picture in the background of the canvas we could also use a video do the same thing by clicking here and upload in your videos under open works also offer free videos as mentioned before click on the settings of your pH background and this will allow you to change the opacity of your image color behind it the scroll effects so automatically you will have no scroll effect for your picture the parallax effect will let you scroll down the page and your content and background will scroll at different speeds and I'll show you the parallax effect in action soon enough in this tutorial the freeze does the complete opposite of the parallax effect it will move the content down the page but the picture will stay exactly where it is so we'll have the parallax effect on where the the position of the image can be changed but we're going to keep it centered for the meantime and that seems to be everything in that section so there you go you have image background and you've changed the design of your page we're gonna add a new section to start off with and it's going to be the menu section of your page which is the navigation between the different pages you can scroll through and have a look we're gonna use this menu I've selected I and already because I have created three pages home tours and contact us it has automatically registered to the menu if we use the button in the bottom right corner to stretch our menu we want to fill the header with it and anything that's in the header will appear on every page so if we just click on the tour's page as you can see it's it's on the page it would be the same for contact us as well so we're gonna stay in the home page for the moment I also forgot to mention that to get it there we just hold down the key over our menu and drag it in to the canvas so now that we have our navigation bar stretched out to the full extent of the header to edit the navigation bar changing the color text etc we click on this little menu comes up manage menu navigate layouts design animate stretch or help the layouts we have here hi is text aligned is it left-to-right right-to-left we're just going to keep it centered all tabs are the same size we have that ticked if it was intact the contact us would be bigger because the text is longer tabs fill the whole menu yes we definitely want that if that wasn't clicked this is what it would look like okay so tabs fill the whole menu display tabs from left to right or right to left we'll keep it up left to right so that's layout design is all about the color and the font size font style if we just click customize design there are three options regular hover and clicked regular or these two terrors and contact us the way they're sitting right now clicked is the homepage the way we are on the homepage so this is the clicked option here and the hover is when you're hovering over the two regular ones and I'll show you that in the page preview we can't show you that in the editor right now so if we click on fill color and opacity the background color is white we want to keep it white because this is the regular one this is what we're going for drop down background we're going to change that yes let's color so it's already selected for us and separators we want the separators to be this color going on down the border we want it to be two and white but you can change that to whatever you feel like corners we don't really need to worry about right now and shadow as well if we enabled shadow it would just create this dark line here as you can see if you keep your eyes here when I disable it it goes away so we don't want the shadow we want a 2d and not 3d basically and the text the color is turquoise we want the color of the text for the regular I want it to be this color I'll just exit that the theme will keep it on th titled site title would be bigger rover page title because it's the navigation bar so we beat the page titles our text is proxy proxy Emma Nova we're going to change that to Lulu where are we going to change that to little clean and half our phone size at 25 okay so that is the regular covered however we want our hover button to be the same color as the text on the regular and the text to be white going on to the clicked section we want the clicked background and as you will see this will change we want the click but click the background to be the dark navy color and the text to be white so that's all good and there we have our menu and as you can see when I hover over these two that gives me the same effect as they clicked it's good to preview your website after every little change you make just to see how it will look like when it's running by the next stage I'm gonna add the title of the website in I'm gonna do this by clicking add and we're going to add an image so my image uploads you also have the option for free wax images free wax clipart big stock images and your social media account images so let's click on my images I'm gonna navigate to my site logo I have prepared a logo for the website add that in and stretch it out and we're just gonna add a normal box to the page and once again stretch it to fill size of our pH canvas and if we click this we will be able to edit the box design like we did on the menu click customize design click on the fill and opacity of it we're going to change the color to white and we're going to take the opacity down to 60% like so I think we might go for a bit higher than actually let's try 70 maybe 80 yes so 80% looks looks good we have no border two corners and no shadow awesome if we just drag the title down there will be an option when the title of the page is covering the box you will see here a touch to box and we just let go when it's attached to the box it basically means that if you drag the box it will come with the box and we can just bring that up to there and there you go there is your site title with a container box in the background just so it brings out the words that are a lighter shade of the grey background that we're using let's just preview that so there we have our home tersh contact us on the site title visual tours island after adding the background the navigation bar and the site title it would be good to preview the website in the mobile view so as you can see it's looking pretty well for a mobile device also I've got your menu button and your site title with the background so that's back to editor and you can see it in the editor mode also so if we switch back to the desktop view the next thing we're going to do is add a slideshow and I think the slideshow I want to use is this slideshow here so once again drag it over and drop it where you want it so our slideshow is here we have slide one of three and automatically the menu for the slideshow will pop up let's just make sure that it's the full way across which is normally 90 by 440 I'm just gonna preview that check yeah so I'm happy with that no I click the section to edit it and there is a little tutorial within this tutorial that will guide you along so it says say it with slides drag and drop anything on to the slides images videos buttons and more make each slide unique with its own background or you use them as a set to tell a story do you get your slides moving just set to auto play ok we'll close that so let's change the slide background once again you can have it as a color or an image we're going to choose an image from my gallery of uploads we're going to choose this image and change the background of the slide so as you can see it's auto paths change the background as soon as I click change background it is done so let's view the settings so you can change the opacity once again the color behind the image which we don't really need to change scaling and positioning so scale to fit is what we want if we hit original size as you can see it gets a lot bigger or tile we'll just make it a little bit darker I don't know if that does anything else so we're just going to use scale to fit and the position centered so we're not going to look at the slide settings so does slideshow autoplay yes we have Auto plays on loading how long between each slide you're going to want to have about seven seconds between each slide apply transition effects horizontal that's exactly what we want so where do they start from they start from the left or the right side depending on your individual need how long do they last one second is exactly how long I want this to last so everything's good their layouts we have size and pixels for the navigation arrows so if we make that bigger you can't just see it right now because it's a different color so when we change the color of that we can change the color in design so we'll do the color first fill and Kalash light buttons to sleep on they're black we're gonna change them to white and the navigation arrows also so you can see it's just appeared on the left side of the slide the border we don't want the border on shadow we don't want a shadow either you also have the option to change the look of your button at the top of the slideshow design toolbar you can see it gives you presets for your design we are just gonna stay with the original so now that we've done that we can have a look at the layout so here we use the size to change the size of the Arabs we're gonna go for 25 pixels offset it's worth were exactly the arms are on the slide we're gonna have that at 25 also show slide buttons yes the size of the buttons we want them to be twelve just a little bit bigger than what they were in fact where you gonna have them at an offset 26 we're gonna have that 25 as well to keep everything the same I'm spacing between buttons we'll have 20 between each 20 pixels between each of these these are the buttons here and these are the arrows okay now that we have that on the animation like this animate button has appeared in the menu and both the site title on the container box that are setting on the animation is just basically hi it appears when you first load up the website so you can see the different animations I'm going through right now with this slider tight it's how it will appear on the website and we don't really want one at the minute with this website but if you feel like you need one or you would like one for your website this is where you'll find it so we're just going to leave it with no animation and then there's a Help button in case you get stuck so double-click the text to edit it and this says weddings I'm going to type awesome places so we just change the text by double-clicking to discover and you can add your own link in this section here just by clicking this if it's a different page you're looking for an anchor a web address email phone number so on I just added the link for the YouTube channel that I am talking about and open in a new window so that's okay you're gonna have a look at the layout once again highest text aligned we're just going to keep it centered and we're going to have a look at the design so there's all different types of buttons here so I've just selected this button and we're going to change the color to this we are going to keep all about the scene the only thing we're going to change so as you can see I have teens around the site title visual Torres Island is not in the header section and that will appear in every page because it's it's in the header and I've just put the navigation bar below it and took off the button separators I've also removed the page background to no color instead of the translucent grey background that we were using I think it looks a lot better with no color I've also added this stripping and I did that by just going to add strip and selecting the first classic block when you drag your strip in double click select the color you want it to be click the settings you can also choose a picture but I just choose the color because that's what I'm going for and change the opacity to 70% and you want to click feed in and I'll show you what that does right now when I preview my pH and go to the top obviously you can see it looks a lot more presentable with the visual tour island at the top of the page my scroll down you can see this strip feeds in as I scroll which is the fact the effect that I'm looking for so back to the editor I'm just going to complete the process of the slider in the same way I did it for the first letter I'm gonna repeat the process for the next two so after completing the content for my sliders I've choose to stretch all the content in the page to the fill width of each side a feat of this adds a modernized look for the website simply just click and drag to stretch the content now that I've showed you how to add the menu in I'm going to delete it simply just click navigate to the delete button on your toolbar and delete it if you click inside the head section you will have the option to drag the header back up to where it meets the site title I've chose to delete the navigation bar simply because I feel it looks tacky and I'd rather add in links to the pages through buttons on the website so moving on to the next part of our website this section is going to be a BIOS I just like to show you I've prepared some text for my website and it is really useful to do this so that you're not spending time adding content in you just have it to copy and paste okay now that we've completed the abode of section I think it's good practice to preview your work once again and see what it's going to look like when the website goes live I'm going to add a button just below the text in the about Us section am I going to show you how to do that and link it up with a pH in a second so just quickly we're going to look at the mobile view to see if our website is responsive and it's looking good on mobile so you can see the visual tours Island logo at the top we've got our menu moving on down the slider lift pretty well also with the hover effects still still working on the abiders section also looks very well on there will be a button in there too so back to the editor we're going to just go back to the desktop view and we are going to add a button to the Oberto section in relation to the content of your website I think using a consistent design is more effective than having different bits of everything spread out all over your website so I'm just going to use the same button that I've used throughout the website so far just drag and drop the bottom into the column that I want to place it in and I'm just going to change the text and add a link to another page and that's the bottom complete so let's preview how's the hover effect all good going down the page I'm going to add another section this time I will use a welcome strip and I'm using this to create a dramatic title just going to change the text to the slogan of the website that I have prepared the next part of the pH will be the services we offer the next thing I have on my list is to art gallery a gallery is just basically showing you all the images that relate to your services or your website and then the strip that I have up here I'm just going to duplicate it which will create a copy of the strip and I'm going to drag it down the pH to use in the section before the gallery I'm going to add this here but I'm gonna have to bring the gallery down a little more to get it to fit in we were going to keep it the same size as the first strip and I'm just using it to break up the content though it says up here change images we have settings layout design and so on the handy thing about this is you can change all your images at once and you don't need to keep clicking and changing each individual image images just select all the images you want to add into your gallery come click add a gallery you will then see your images add to your gallery and are numbered for in my case they are numbered from 1 to 82 it's good to add alt text description and maybe a link to your pictures also for example if I click on one of my images so I've changed the alt text description and the link I've added to a website which will open a new tab so once that is complete do this for each of your images and when you go to the preview mode when you hover over the image you can see Queens University an image from the Conoco of YouTube channel forward slash website showing the gates of Queen's University Belfast and if you click this link it will take you to the link that you've added in in this case I've added to the canonical Khan website so close in that time I've changed the background from white to blue and I've changed the text from black to white and added in different size font and a bold effect on the title and this is just once again go back to the editor if we just click on the design of our gallery and customize the design you can see in here is where you will change that the color of the text on down title font description font font size bold etc and then the hover effect which will be the color of the background when you hover over it so for the next stage we're going to add social media icons with links to the bottom of our page and we can do this just by simply using the Wix free social icons that are in the ad and then down the social section of our interface we can use these free ones the wax offer and we can also use free bonds from Google images if we type in social media icons click on images and why we can't use any of these because some of these are not labeled for reuse and to find out if they are not just click on tools' this little toolbar will pop up and if we navigate to use each rights and click labeled for reuse people then change our options of social icons and we want to use one of these pictures should we click on I think this one looks pretty neat and we're going to use these so if we see of this image right click and see if image else right here you can see I've already added these I just renamed it make sure it's save type as JPEG or PNG if we just click Save you'll see of the icons to our downloads and in our downloads we have the social icons right here so I'm just going to open the social media icons in Photoshop and if we just file new let's call this one Facebook and document type is just going to be custom and change the pixels to say 200 by 100 resolution we want 300 pixels per inch and the transparent background and this is all good so we just click OK and that creates a new canvas for our social links so if we just click this 2 which is called rectangular marquee tool and if we try cover the image so we I have the area covered that we want to use hold down control on your keyboard and hit C the letter C now if you get to your new canvas holding ctrl again and hit the letter V and that's just a shortcut for a control copy and ctrl and PS to control copy C control unpierced is ctrl + V so if we just look our canvas is a little too big to transform the image to fit the canvas we hold down control and hit the letter T and let go and we can see that we have brought up the free transform menu and to make sure we don't lose any quality when we're shrinking the image holding shift use one of the corner stretchers stretch it down to fit the canvas so to get rid of the black background that we have because we don't want any background in this image we just want the icon itself we use the magic wand tool over on the toolbar here select the area just by clicking the block on the picture and hit delete when the area is selected then deselect the area but just by clicking twice until there is no area selected anymore and now we have our loop or Facebook logo ready to export if we just click file and export as quick export as a PNG so you can see there so we just want to export it to the folder in which we want to save it in export as facebook icons gonna automatically export as a PNG and the reason we wanted to be a PNG is so that doesn't automatically make the background of the canvas white we want a transparent background we just want the logo so we just exported by clicking save and if we navigate to or Wix editor go to my uploads images and in your images folder upload we're going to upload the image that of the Facebook icon of just me it in Photoshop as you can see Facebook icon dot PNG has uploaded done I'm going to click add to page and you'll see the background is now gone and we only have the the logo is what exactly what we want so let's move this down to the footer and have it sitting roughly about there we can we can change that about when we our next lot in so I'm going to repeat this process for each of the icons that I will be adding in to the website so now that we have our icons added to the website we're just going to add a link to each of the icons just simply once again click the image navigate to the link button and we are going to use a web address for this and so once again I've prepared my links already in a Word document just to copy and paste straight in to the website and that's going to open in a new window so there we go unless just preview though click the link and it should open there we go opens the Instagram icon link so we just repeat the process for each of the images now that our social media links have been added into home page as you can see there in the footer section and these will appear on every page you add to your website because that because of that just like the header section will add the visual tours Ireland logo to each page the footer will do the exact same thing and I've just created two more pages for my website the first being tersh which is the page that relates to the videos in my website features the videos in my website and contact us just the contact information contact form and a link back to the home page and you can see that the social media links have stayed where they are supposed to be so I've not sure with this in a tutorial because I want you to try and do this yourself hopefully you have gathered enough information on the Wix editor and the interface in general to do this yourself and the next thing we're going to talk about is works Adi which is just basically another way to build your website only it's automatic and not manual like this to start with Wix editor is start with Wix Adi will automatically generate a website for you so it uses artificial intelligence to produce a design for your website it learns about each of your individual needs asking a few simple questions and then chooses from the many stunning combinations and possibilities to perfectly match optimal design and content and create a unique website suited to you so no two sites will ever look the same with works Adi as well if we just click into the first question will be what do you want to create a website for and as you can see it's automatically choose travel agent agency for me if I just type in Travel there will be a lot of related searches so you can choose from whatever whatever it relates to your website the next question is does your website need any of the following features to sell online take bookings and appointments get subscribers or create a blog we're going to create a blog and get subscribers because I haven't showed you how to create a blog yet or what exactly a blog is so I will talk through that and show you how to do that in the Wix editor also so moving a sell online would be for a shop and to take bookings and appointments we'd relate to a spa or restaurant website so next what is the name of your website or business we are going to stick with visual tours Ireland and this will be the address of your business I'm going to skip the step because I don't exactly have an address right now but if you do feel free to add one in we're just going to add a quick logo the same one that has been used in the editor and this is just an overall of the information so far your email address phone Fox and to add social media networks we're going to add links in let's just start with Facebook next we will use Twitter so just this Twitter link that I have in the word document just copy and paste it in and last but not least we are going to use the youtube link to get all the videos that will be featured in the website and next so just start and just choose a theme the stage I'm going to just choose elegant continue now I am going to create your home page so it's preparing to create the first page on our website create my home page and this is where you can see it is automatically generated the website for us here it is the first version of your home page and this is just a tutorial to take you along each step of the way preview your site so just click the play button it'll show you where the preview button is and you can have a look at your website so far so wow this is really nice obviously is a few things you need to change like the visual tours Ireland is already in the logo right here you have your home and your blog the number you could take that it as well and just the links to your social media accounts start your journey with visual tours Ireland you want to keep people on your ph for as long as possible clicking on all your content reading through whatever you have the offers through special offers and stuff this isn't so much what we're looking for but you can customize each section of your website with Wix Adi contact form really nice elegant and subscribe so this is one of the features that we asked for in our website as well as the travel blog so if we just click on the blog page it has created a blog for us and you can customize each of these blog posts yourself add in whatever content you feel it is necessary so when you're done previewing click here if we just go brings you back to the home page automatically so change your website design you have the option to do that I like the design of the website I like the colors of the website so you skip those to change website fonts I think that's not what we're looking for other change website animation I like that too and section design so I'll change the design of one of your sections okay show me how so this is just talking you through a bit by bit you can customize each of your sections this section I want to change if I should click here I'll have I been in this section it will move up the rest of the content to meet an edit section content is another one that we want to do so in the header section we just click and we can edit so business the business name is what we want to take out and we want to take out the number also so just click here to untick the phone number and that will disappear and the business theme has been taken out also apart from that we are all good and add a new section so if you want more in your website you just add a new section section 2 page droid section here okay so we want to try the new section right here and there you go you have your website completely done for you to add whatever content you want this is really really easy you just click oh there's a mobile preview also so we'll just have a quick look it up to see how our website will look on a mobile device so we have the logo our social media links the menu home and blog scrolling on down start your journey with visual tears Ireland once again the content has been squished to allow someone on a mobile phone to view it in a much more effective way and there you have it a stunning website on both desktop and mobile view let's go back to the desktop view click out of the preview mode and back into the editor you can just edit your website in the same way that you would do it in the Wix editor just click on each section it's slightly different your information will come up on the left side of your screen on a on a bar so if I click on this video the information that I need will come up on this side and you can just read through it if you don't have the time to build a website with the Wix editor like I've did in this tutorial today and you're just looking for a quick website put right there all you want to do is change text or color or content this is the way forward for you so just back to the editor I'm gonna show you how to add a blog with the editor if you just click on the blog button welcome to your Wix blog share your expertise in your own blog keep visitors on your site for longer with engaging content and that's exactly what you're looking for if you have a website you want to keep people on your website you want to keep them linked to your website three pages articles content increase your visibility on Google to attract more visitors with SEO so SEO search engine optimization and I'm gonna talk about that next in the tutorial so your blog manager your blog add button just turns into your blog manager you have a new blog post manager blog blog pages blog elements and learn more if you go back to the blog manager and we manage our blog so I'm gonna add a blog post in this section if we just add a new post with this button add an engaging title so travel nine author meme John Doe Jane Doe anonymous person in other words and start writing your blog so before we do that we're going to add an image and drop the image in alt text so surf the web let's say that's a dust cold and start to write your blog post so some text for our blog post publish this boost your post is published share it on your favorite social network for more views so email Facebook tweet or share on LinkedIn if we just go back click out of this go back to our blog you can see travel night has been updated to your blog to change the design of our blog is very simple just the same way that I have done before move your content around whatever way you like change the color of blog post so if you have lots of different blogs this is where you organize everything and that is really it to design just once again click on the brush navigate to which part you want to change let's choose this exit that notice that has also created a brand new page for your blog and not took over one of the previous pages or added the blog into a previous page there is a brand new page for your blog and so that's it for the blog page you can just customize your features whatever way you feel like and that's really yet for the website also we have homepage tersh contact us on blog and that's as far as we're going to go with the Wix editor in this tutorial with Wix Adi this has generated a good website and we have built a decent website from the Wix editor also the only things left to talk about now are Wix hosting domain names SEO and wex premium when we upgrade you will see what perks you will get with the Wix premium so SEO what is SEO SEO is search engine optimization and a lot of people will run away from it when they hear that term and they think it's very technical but we are just going to go through and highlight a few things that you should do and cover the basics why is it important it is important to follow the SEO guidelines that are set out by the search engines so their software can read your website without any problems understanding what your site is about and what content it contains your website will be reviewed and graded by the search engine quality algorithms overall ranking your website in the search results so ideally you want your website appearing on the first page of any search engine which isn't always the easiest thing to do and requires a little bit of work and effort so if we take Google for example today Google has roughly 3.6 billion searches today and that you can see that just increase by the second thousands upon thousands of searches everyone who has a website wants a share of those searches because these searches are looking for companies and businesses with services to offer and to get a share of those we need to be ranked in the search engines and that's why it is so important to have good SEO so if we just go back to my accountant works this is Wix SEO wiz and this will works basically makes it easy for you and we can go through the steps and follow the guidelines and it will hopefully get us off to a good start when ranking in the search results so one of the main things that we need to think about are the keywords and these are basically just what we think people will be searching for when looking for our business or company so any words that relate to your website will be very very useful so when I click into it it asks for the business or site name just because if you want someone to search for a visual tour Ireland you want yours to be ranked number one on the very first page so moving on down we have the keywords and these are sites to see in Ireland tourism Ireland Titanic Belfast the Giant's Causeway and travel Ireland so these are the five key words that I have chosen to add into the website for search engine optimization and to analyze your keywords you just click this link here after you've typed them all in and it will show you how good your keywords are if they're effective or not so longtail searches our sites to see in Ireland where a short tail searches will be travel island or Titanic Belfast longtail is easier to rank the short tail so if you rank for a visual tour Ireland it will be more effective than just tersh this is the checklist that we have for SEO and you will be working your way through this checklist and your SEO plan will help you get ranking on the search engines so once you have finished with your SEO basically you're going to want to connect to a domain if you already have one if you don't works offer free domain in this case it is Kirin 47 4 / visual tours Ireland however I would like to change this so wex also do a free hosting they offer free hosting for your website but you have these adverts for works on your site if you are hosting it for free so as you can see there's one up the top right corner I'm on done at the bottom I'll always stay at the bottom of your website when you're live on the Internet so to change that up you're just going to want to update your wax to wax premium and if you just upgrade to X prime you will have the option to get rid of those ads so all premium plans always include extra storage and bandwidth domain connection unlimited paid video channels Commission free sales free hosting which is the thing I talked about there hosting is basically how your website stays on the internet and there's a few hosting firms that you can go with a few that I know GoDaddy and big redfish com they are very good as well but with wex you don't need to connect to Houston with a Nightside company you just use the wax comm free hosting no ads on your videos Google Analytics this is where SEO comes in very helpful also checking to see how many people are coming through your website every month and premium supports of anything you need you'll get support we are just gonna upgrade to premium lie so as you can see we've upgraded the website to Wix premium and there is no longer advertisements on our live preview of the website which is great however they're not too noticeable when they are there if you're going with the free version of Wix if we just go back to the coin so there's a few more things we need to talk about SEO let's just go back into that if anyone's having any trouble with getting their website ranked in the search engines provide free offer a huge service for search engine optimization some of the previous websites that they have worked on drive over a million people through the website per month so that's crazy traffic so getting a dominium for your site a domain name is just see this little text up here premium XCOM that is a domain name yours for my website it would be visual tours Ireland calm so with yours that's and you're looking to buy a domain with Wix it's gonna cost you the yearly subscription of probably run about nine or ten point per year and connect a domain that you already own so if you already own a domain you just simply search it here where did you buy it from and next stage which will be updating your settings and then the confirmation of your domain name so just going back to the site hosting with Wix so wanting to publish our website so this is just making our website go live with wex calm so if we click publish congratulations your site is published and is live online and that's that done and we are mine live with this website if we just open this click on publish once again copy and paste this text that we have into the bar and search you will see that our website is now live on the internet with our free domain with Wix com so that is it for our tutorial today thank you very much for watching and I hope in some way you have gained knowledge of how to navigate around the interface and use the tools and elements that Wix offer in both Wix editor and Wix Adi if you have any trouble with SEO please visit profile recom and get your SEO on track to get you ranking in the search engines also for more visual tours of ireland north and south visit Colony Cove com thank you again for watching and good luck .

Video Discription

A complete website tutorial for Wix – new for 2018. With this video you will learn how to build a website from scratch using Wix website builder. You will fully understand what Wix is, how to use its templates and app builder. We discuss its free website option and the Wix pricing. This video is perfect for beginners and moves into more advanced content for anyone with a Wix site already. We cover briefly Wix SEO. If you want to know how to build a website with Wix, an easy way to design a website – or even a Wix advanced tutorial, we cover these points in this "How To" guide. We go through our favourite Wix templates, the website builder app – highlighting all the important elements to consider when making a website.



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