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How To create a website with Wix ADI

Easily create a website today with minimal effort. Wix ADi allows you to use the power of Artificial Design Intelligence to create a website by answering a few questions.

This is the first video in our Wix ADI Series (Part 1 of 5)
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hi my name is siti and welcome back to the channel where we make educational technology easy for you now today’s video is the first in a series of five videos on the Wix platform now I’m going to walk you through all the things you need to know in order to use the new Adi platform builder from Wix now a TI stands for artificial design intelligence and it’s going to make creating a website super easy all you need is a couple of photographs some
text and it automatically makes a website for you so let’s dive into it with another flipped classroom tutorial now the first thing you want to do is open up your browser and navigate to the Wix homepage so let’s do that together let’s go to now once on the Wix homepage it’s important for us to create our own Wix account so let’s go ahead and click on get started now here it is asking us to either log in or sign up for a new account now
we can also continue with Facebook or continue with Google now the easiest one is to click on sign up or continue with Google so that’s what we’re going to do now I’m going to use my Google accounts I’m going to give it permission and there we go it’s saying let’s get started now I’m going to skip this part because what I’m going to show you is I’m going to use the Wix Adi to create a website for me now Adi stands for artificial design
intelligence and just by answering a couple of questions it is automatically going to create a website for me so let’s go ahead and click on start now and here we go what type of sites do you want to create now I would like to create a website for my online training so let’s go ahead and type in online training and there we go we have trader trader training let’s select this type of website now you can see we also have IT training school training
program there are many different available now I’m going to click Next does your website need any of these features nowadays it need to be able to sell online yeah I would like to be able to sell online does it need to allow to take bookings and appointments absolutely am I going to ask for subscribers yes and am I going to create a blog yes I am also going to create a blog so I’m going to take all four not depending on the website that you are
trying to create you might not need all these boxes ticked so let’s go ahead and click Next what is the name of your business or website now my business is called edge of Lipitor net so I’m going to use that as the name as well so edge flip dotnet where is your business located well we are currently going to skip this because we do not have a physical location let’s skip this section and there we go I can review and edit my info here we have our
email address we can add an address of physical address a phone number and we can add our social media so I’m going to go ahead and add my social media so let’s go ahead and click the first link which is going to be the link to my Twitter so as you can see here I have my Twitter handle right here which is SDC Thailand so we’re going to add this Twitter handle and it automatically recognizes it as a Twitter handle we can also add our Facebook
handle so let’s go ahead and add our Facebook at the moment our Facebook is located right here so we are going to copy this address paste it and again Wix Adi is automatically recognizing it as a Facebook account we are also going to add our YouTube channel and as we paste this it will automatically be recognized as a YouTube account so you can see Twitter Facebook and YouTube we are also going to change our logo now we’re going to click on the
plus icon now I already have my logo downloaded so we’re going to navigate to our downloads and here we have the logo so let’s go ahead and upload that right now and just review we have our logo flipped classroom the name edge you flip the email of physical address phone fax and the social media so let’s go ahead and click on next and Wix Adi is now going to suggest a couple of styles now we can choose clean chic hype classic horizon now I’m
going to go for sky high and we’re going to click on continue now Wix Adi is asking me if I would like to use the colors present in my logo and I do want to do that so I’m going to click on create a palette it’s now going to scan my logo and take those three colors from my logo as deep palette for my website so I’m going to use these colors and as you can see Wix Adi is now adding everything that I have requested so it’s adding my headers my
welcome section is adding everything I wanted including booking forms and an online store now everything has been added and now it’s asking me to pick a favorite homepage design so there are three suggested designs we have this one on the Left where when we scroll down we can see that we have beautiful pictures we have the colors from our logo all used on this page we have this middle design where you can see the logo gets a bit lost so I might
not opt for this one scroll down we again have these colors and then we have this sleek clean design on the right with the logo the title pages with the logo the different menus and then a number of icons I really like this one so I’m going to select this one I click on it and my webpage has been generated I can now start tweaking this and I can also scroll down to see exactly what this page looks like now as this is only the first version of my
website what I can do is I can tweak everything manually so here you can see that I can either preview my website or go ahead and publish it but before I publish I want to preview my website now in the top right corner there is a button that says preview and let’s go ahead and preview our website so we’re going to click on the preview button this is what our website will look like to the rest of the world so when we scroll down we’ll see our
courses and programs we have a number of images that we can change we have different courses that we’re offering we haven’t get in touch is even a physical address which we are going to remove later on and you can subscribe to the blog at the top we have different pages we have a shop we have a book online and we have a blog page so as you can see it’s a very powerful platform to immediately get started on creating your first website now I’m
going to click here because I want to close this preview window and I am now back in my editor now in future videos I’ll show you exactly how you can change all the content on this page how you can add pages how you can add sections and how you can tweak the details but for now thank you for watching and there you have it the first video is all about how to create your first Wix Adi website now it couldn’t be easier so let me know in the comment
section below if you have ever used Wix Adi and what you think are the benefits of using this and tomorrow I’ll be back with another video on the Wix platform thank you for watching and I will see you in the next one