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How To Create A Website Using GoDaddy 2022 [Made Easy]

How To Create A Website Using GoDaddy 2022
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Thanks for checking out this how to create a website using godaddy 2022 video. Creating a website has never been easier in the modern era, largely thanks to the abundance of available information for building a site. Not to mention how many web builders have been made more accessible for people to utilize. if you guys have any questions or comments you can leave them in the comment section below.

People no longer have to worry about coding to get the website of their dreams. All they have to do is invest their time, some money, and energy into a web host or a website builder and get started. In fact, some web hosts such as GoDaddy offer a website builder of their own, making the entire platform of GoDaddy reasonably versatile.

With this in mind, we’re going to discuss how to create a Website using GoDaddy 2022 style. Remember, this isn’t all of the available information for making a GoDaddy site; it’ll just help you get started in the matter. We’ll discuss what GoDaddy is, how much it costs, and details regarding the question of; can you build a website on GoDaddy? Nevertheless, let’s give it a look!

What is GoDaddy?

For those who don’t know, GoDaddy is a web hosting company and domain registrar. They’re one of the most popular web hosting companies in the famous world, largely thanks to their popular commercials. Besides their public image, GoDaddy is an excellent company that has just about everything you’ll need to make a site of your dreams.

Most users utilize GoDaddy for its web hosting capabilities since WordPress is such a popular content management software to install onto your site. As you can imagine, there are many prices and options tied to GoDaddy, meaning how much it costs heavily depends on your budget.

How Much Does GoDaddy Cost?

As touched upon already, there are many costs tied to GoDaddy. For starters, GoDaddy’s hosting options can be as affordable as $4.49 a month for their Economy plan or as expensive as $19.99 a month for the Maximum plan. Obviously, the more expensive option has more benefits outside of the cheapest plan.

Besides hosting, you can build a website on GoDaddy, which also varies in price. The cheapest plan is completely free, while the eCommerce option is $17.49 a month but can go up depending on what add-ons you select. Besides the GoDaddy website builder, you’ll also have to purchase a domain that can be free depending on the plan and domain you select.

Can You Build a Website on GoDaddy?

Yes, as touched upon earlier, you can build a website right on GoDaddy if you don’t want to install WordPress. As great as it is to use WordPress, sometimes it’s more ideal to go with a very straightforward solution and doesn’t require anything too complicated. After all, that’s what site builders are for.

GoDaddy currently offers five different website building options. The four that cost money are regarded as the Basic, Standard, Premium, and eCommerce plans. All of them vary from $6.99 to $17.49 a month, with the price possibly going up depending on what add-ons you select. The other option is entirely free, which includes more than you’d think.

Choosing a Package

Now that you’re familiar with all of the various packages GoDaddy offers, here comes the fun part of trying to narrow down precisely what you want. As touched upon, the main two routes would revolve around GoDaddy’s website builder or to utilize them as a web host and install WordPress onto your site.

Be mindful to look at each package that’s available to see which is best suited for your needs. Seeing as just about every person has varying needs with what they need for their site, it’s in your best interest to take the time to see which is best for you. It’s best to be thorough in this regard than to rush it.

Installing WordPress or Building a Website?

As noted above, the main two routes you can go with have to do with installing WordPress or building a website. There are pros and cons to both, but whatever you do, realize you can’t switch to the other without completely re-doing your site. In short, building a website tends to be more accessible, while installing WordPress is much more versatile.

Adding Content

Adding content is an interesting area to look at since content is what’ll actually get people to your site. Whether it’s a simple about page or your daily blog post, all of it is under the broad umbrella of content. Thus, it’s essential to look over your site and see how you can add content to your liking to grow a following.

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