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How to create a subdomain in Namecheap Cpanel

How to create a subdomain in Namecheap Cpanel

What is a Subdomain?
A subdomain is a domain that is a part of another domain. If your domain is or website address is you can add a word before that and create a completely different website. For example, if a domain offered an online store as part of their website, it might use the subdomain

Using Namecheap to get a subdomain is simple and easy to do. Follow the link below to set up a Namecheap account and purchase a domain and hosting plan.


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hey there welcome to snct marketing’s snct talks and today i’m going to be talking to you about how to set up a sub domain on namecheap the first thing we want to do is to have a hosting plan in order to set up a sub domain if you’re wondering what a sub domain is it’s when you have a word in front of your actual domain so for example if you have a shop or a company website but you also want to create a profile for your customer service for
example so you’d put dot and you can set up a completely different website without having to pay for a new domain and most businesses are doing that and it’s something that snct marketing practices as well in order for you to set up as i was saying earlier we need a namecheap account a web hosting account we use namecheap we recommend namecheap to all our clients and it’s what we use we prefer it we’ve been using it
for several years now all you need to do is come in get a web hosting package they are web hosting packages if you’re a small business you can start with a shared hosting package which goes anywhere from 27 a year and up so let’s just take a quick look at their shared hosting plans for those of you that are curious so here the hosting plans you could pay fifty seven dollars per year maximum or the thirty three dollars and eighty eight cents i’ve
only eighteen and forty four and for the stella plus you pay only thirty 31 and 84. we use the stella plus plan it’s the best plan for us and for most of our clients because it has an unlimited ssd and you can host an unlimited number of websites you just have an issue with file storage which is okay because it holds a lot of files so let’s go in in order for us to set up and add a sub domain what you need to do you log into your namecheap
account which we’re doing now and we head over to the dashboard namecheap can help you set up a two-factor authentication which i’d recommend you could send a passcode to your gmail account or the account you email account you used to open your namecheap account and that would give you an extra layer of security so now we’ve entered into the dashboard and from there you can see your an icon that looks like a server right here so let’s go into
this icon go to cpanel any website regardless of the domain that you’re hosting through the the server will be you for you to access cpanel for that website you just click on that same server so you don’t have to worry namecheap will redirect you and open a new tab so it will redirect you to the cpanel it will take a moment so as you can see the domain section has several options we want to go into the sub domain center into the sub domains
option you’ll have save you they’ll give you some information about what sub domains are so here’s the sub domain information we’ll just have to put in the first word that we want to appear in the domain in the link so for this video we’re just going to test one it will create root which is the location of the domain in the server create and there you go successful now you have your domain test dot snct marketing dot com copy that and the one of
the major advantages with namecheap is they give you several um https which is the ssl certificates that you can utilize for your website so right now it’s installing the free https redirect which means our website will have a security lock it will be a secure website it will be encrypted pretty much so that takes as well a few moments to install and then you can just click to verify that the redirect is completed you can take a look and we can
check if did just by scrolling through here test one still pending in progress so give it a bit more time and then shortly so after a few moments the sink is done positive asset domain looks like there you go you’ve got yourself an empty website now these sub domains are actually quite amazing because you can use it the same way you’d use a normal domain and i’ll give you an example just as a bonus at the end of the video we’re just going to
install wordpress using a cpanel if you’ve never done this before it’s as easy as abc easy peasy wheezy so we’re just gonna installer just give it a moment to load scroll down let it load the apps for the stufftaculous app installer and there you go wordpress enter the softaculous wordpress installer let’s just go in and quickly install it now i want to do once you enter the installer is to select the domain name so we want to put it in the test
one you also need to make sure you select the correct version of wordpress now we want the latest version so this is correct enter the site name so our site name is tutorial sub domains username get your password copy it change the email address to the email address that you can access because wordpress is going to be contacting you on that email from time to time so i prefer using gmail in case anything happens at least gmail will always be
there and is always free and for the purposes of this tutorial we’re just going to pick the theme straight from wordpress so just anything just for the sake of the tutorial there’s another tutorial we have where we show you how to install themes downloaded from inverter elements i’ll link uh i’ll put the link to that video in the description and it should be appearing somewhere here soon so we want to select this theme no need to check for the
demo and then click install it will take a few moments for it to go the installation is complete you can go back to the link we opened at the tab and check and once it’s loading and there you go you’ve got your website fully installed with wordpress like that for another video but this is a sub domain full the template we chose is intent please feel free to like click the thumbs up button and also follow this channel that way more people you