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How to create a Stunning Wix Website (Tutorial 2019) – Simple Steps!

How to create a Stunning Wix Website (Tutorial 2019) – Simple Steps!

🖥 is a great website builder for beginners, you can build a stunning site in a matter of minutes. Follow my steps and you will be fluent with the wix platform in no time! Easy Peasy steps to make a difference.

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Basic Set Up 00:26
Wix Toolbar 09:06
Add Menu 12:38
Add Pages 13:40
Add Text 15:09
Add Social Links 15:51
Add Strips 18:14
Add Hyperlinks 21:43
How to Save 23:25
How to Preview 24:52
Add Images 25:21
Add Subscription Box 27:27
Add Contact Form 29:55
Add Videos 31:32
How to Publish 33:15
Add Footer 34:47
Sneak Peak – Add a Blog 36:57

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Next Steps Videos to follow:

Step 2 Mobile Optimisation
Step 3 Create a Stunning Blog
Step 4 Create a Lightbox

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hi guys welcome to my tutorial on how to set up a website using the Wix platform simple steps to get you started and create a stunning website in a matter of minutes if you have any questions on the process put them in the comments below and don’t forget to Like subscribe so that I can keep on making these videos for you we’re going to jump straight into it now and the first thing we do is open our browser we go to and we get started
click on sign up and type in your email address note on the right hand side you have continue with Facebook or continue with Google if you are anticipating setting up a an email address for you in the future that will be linked to this website in any way I would suggest using the continue with Google and setting up a gmail account Wix works hand-in-hand with the Gmail account and links it to your domain when if and when you wish to go that route
for the free web site all you need is an email so like me you can put in an email address and create an account or you can create it with your Google I always use the Google option we then click on sign up and weeks wants to know a few things about you please note whatever you do at the beginning of this process isn’t life-threatening in any way if there’s something you put in that you’re not happy with it can always be changed later down the
line there is nothing that can’t be customized on a Wix platform website so let’s do it I want to create a site for myself a client a company I work for someone else you can fill that in or you can hit skip button and we go straight to two options you can either let the ad I create a website for you an automated website based on a few selections that you make for example a color palette that you prefer or a that you prefer you will be asked a
series of questions why you will use this website what it will be used for and what your preferences are with color etc etc or you can create your website with the Wix editor if you do go the ADI route you can still edit that website using the Wix every editor later so whichever option you take you can still make the changes later on what we’re going to do today is use the create your website with the Wix editor so that’s no matter which route
you take you know what the processes are and you know the Wix platform itself so we click on choose a template so here Wix excels with so many amazing templates for you to choose from if you look down the left hand side there’s everything from business creative arts and London pages you can simply choose one and then customize it to what you need I would always recommend looking at the type of websites that you really like do a bit of browsing
and see what you actually like in a website do you like a bright website you like one with lots of imagery do you like one that is more product based for example so you can either again we had two choices before we have two choices again now you can either choose a template that you love and change that template or you can create a blank website so start with a blank canvas what we’re going to do today is start with the blank canvas because the
platform itself and what I will be showing you today will mean that you can hop over even if you have done a template you can use what I’m giving you today to change that template to the way you want it to be so no matter whether you choose template or blank you can still use this video tutorial to create the website that you want that you yearn for though I’m going to blank templates here if you were using a template you would simply click on it
you can view if you like to get an idea of what this looks like and click then either edit this site or you can just return back to where you were before she’s here it’s opened up a new browser so we’ll just close that browser down and we will head to blank templates and again we have more options we can either choose a superduper from scratch or the blank templates now the blank templates are basically a drag and drop and you can put in the
imagery etc the text etc that you like I’m going to show you from scratch and the techniques you need that will also help you with those blank templates so basically if you watch this video you will know how to work with blank templates and you will know how to work with templates and you will know how to work with the ad I created websites so super duper from scratch welcome to Wix we don’t need the video there and you have a blank page the
important thing to understand is that there is nothing that you can do wrong here in fact if you do could do something that you consider is even remotely wrong you can just either delete it or we have a lovely back button an undo button at the top right hand side so never be concerned what you note in front of you is you have a header area which when you hover on it changes a different color you have the main website area and then you have the
footer area all three are customizable what you enter into the header will go on every page which you enter into the footer will go on every page and the main bit here is where your content will be for the main explaining what you do who you are and how wonderful you are for showing your products and portfolios perhaps so on a website there are a few fundamental things that we need we need to know what this website is who is for we need to know
what pages belong to this if you check any website let’s nip to the card geek dot Q K so any website usually has a menu which shows you exclude my excuse my pop-up that’s called a lightbox and we’ll be in a further tutorial but on the right hand side here on my page you see my menu and this is why people navigate from information to information to have a look at all star space and on also space we have our home tech contact and blog and that’s
your menu on the left hand side we have what the page is and our social links again if you knit back to mine you have your what the page is and I have my social links further down so our pages are slightly different but it’s quite easy to navigate and that’s what I like personally something that’s easy to navigate so now we want to replicate that on our header and footer here which will be on every page of your website on the left hand side is
the area in which you will spend the most time on this particular video tutorial we will deal with menus and pages the background and adding they’re the three main buttons that you need on this platform the menus and pages show you what pages you have so like Yin’s on All Star space he has a tech page you may have a pages about you or a shop or a blog for example so that’s where you will see all your different pages lining up the ad page at the
bottom will simply add another page so we need to find a menu we don’t have a menu we have one page and no menu so we go to our Add button and the ad is where all the content is this is where everything is we will run through this really super quickly because it’s a simple case of knowing what you are looking for obviously text we will be putting some text in soon images are obviously images you have your own images that you can upload or there
are so many free Wix images of super high quality that can be used to gallery puts in lots of photos into a pretty template so you can show off how what wonderful photos you’ve taken for example vector art puts these illustrations on if you wish to add any illustrations shape adds a little shape interactive we have slideshows that we can drag onto our website and we can customize any way we wish to show our content buttons buttons are our call to
action so buttons are the buy now find out more join me kind of calls to actions our boxers are a splash of color so the boxers can create a splash of color behind anything behind an image text etc strips I love personally strips are full-page website strips they literally are a strip and they usually contain a photo and some text it is a like a header or a splash across the page so that something is highlighted a particular part or service that
you offer is highlighted for example we have about us contact details how to get in touch a brand image like a welcome at the top of your page Hey look at me spread across the top and then the product services here also these are particularly nice our team we can put in each picture that you click on will have more information on the other side so we strip is highlighting information lists and grids is also a highlight of information just in a
different format and again we have a team view if you like we can have a picture of somebody on that bio next to it video we can add in our YouTube videos Oh we’ll be doing that shortly music if you wish to add music our social buttons which are super important obviously contact boxes and menu were finally down where I want to be remember I started talking about the menu the rest that are on that list I will do in a separate tutorial today let’s
add our menu you choose any menu you like and once you’ve dragged it it can be customized to so you’re not dragging something that is the final product if you’re not a hundred percent great about it so I’ll drag over this nice simple one to the right-hand side and as you see this is my header and I can change the side of that but we only have one page we need more pages don’t we a lot of websites actually today have the one page that Scrolls down
and uses anchors that’s another video but pages are a way to navigate at the top and people feel that they get a crisp piece of information out of each page so you go to your menus and pages and you add a page I’m going to say contact we want people to contact us we’ll add another one videos so you see automatically a little more boxes come up because I’ve made this small I just drag it and I get it to where I want it to be and you see that
videos is highlighted it means I’m already on the videos page home contact and videos so to go back to my main page which is always your home page I go back here and you see home is highlighted you can change this design to any you want anything let’s suit you and then you can also customize by changing the fill color at the back text shadow could have input color and then change the highlight color as well so everything that I’m showing you
today is customizable when you do it yourself you can change the font for example you can change anything within that box to look like how you want it to look we also want our excuse me we go to add we want our website to have a bit of an identity so let’s add a title look at all those amazing fonts you can have let’s see what the romantic title looks like and already you can see the website is forming the card geek I regard didn’t die the card
geek that’s quite nice as I just write nice that I like that umm.what header would be complete without excuse me go to add again our social menu social let’s get our social menu in and remember anything he puts in header goes on every single page so now let’s customize our social links as you see they’ve automatically chosen the set of social links for you you can go to the right and add icons for example snapchat isn’t in there Linkedin isn’t in
there I can remove tumblr what is super important is that you highlight the social link you are setting you go to the link here and you change it to your social link so now I’ll go to Twitter click on there and change wigs you’re always automatically goes to wigs change it to the card geek and YouTube again Pintrest you can find me everywhere and you want your audience to find you everywhere so make sure your links Instagram here make sure all
your links have been updated I nearly put Instagram then the car geek and as you see before I close it there we’ve put in the link but we’ve also here automatically goes a new window you can change at the current window if you wish but I always think it’s better that it opens up a separate window so people don’t leave your website and then you just press done at the bottom right-hand side so now we have a super-duper setup with our social icons I
can pull my footer down now so I get a full page of web and we can start adding to our main website here as I said the strips are super good at adding highlights so if you’re wanting a strip if you wanted to highlight a particular thing that you do well is always good to have a strip up on the first you can again customize anything I’m actually going to take the text out delete that text I’m going to change the strip background because I want it
to have my image so I clicked on image you can actually sorry I’ll go back you can actually choose any of the Wix images – they have videos that run as well if you wish you can just have a plain color and put some text over it but I am choosing to do an image and here I’m going to upload my own image okay so I go to the image that I want to pull in there and I just drag-and-drop it’s as simple as that any images you want on your website all you
have to do is drag and drop everything is what you see is what you get it’s that simple and look there she is you see it’s a bit darker than my usual website you know why because they have a background on here if I go to change trip by ground again you see the dark bit there click on that put it white and then I go to my settings because we have a go that’s better we have an opacity on ok that looks better already this isn’t my isn’t my high
quality image so I’ll get my bigger image and put that one on that’s much better much clearer so now we have something that looks like we’re getting to a website and we’ve only done a few steps there I’ve taken an extra slow for you but you could actually do this a lot quicker if you would like like I do to have the header on every single page you can right click and show on all pages and now when I go to contact it’s there when I go to videos
it’s there so I already have three pages with a header on I definitely need some content now so let’s have a look I know this is slightly different to my website I am just showing this was all done on Wix let’s copy and paste this and see if we can replicate so we want excuse me we want some text on to tell them a little bit about what we do can drag and drop any way you wish change the size of the box and I am just going to paste it’s all a
little bit too big there we go I was a little bit too small and I’m going to justify because I can’t look at text that isn’t justified so then you can change the title to whichever you wish a little bit hot larger maybe the blue similar blue color to what I have and you can obviously change the rest if you so wish I do it in the center here because these two lines show how it works well on laptops desktops and mobile will go into mobile shortly
so now we have that and you see I’ve got some links in here they’ve automatically taken up the links from my website but if you wish to put a link on any of your text we can highlight the text click on link it will automatically choose a page here hello if we look there you can choose it for a for a page for it to go to but on this occasion we’re going to choose a web address and we’re going to choose attica lee got a link in there
to my website what we shall do now is take our nice pointer what we’ll do now is go up and press save it’s important to keep it saving how far you’ve got along some times things go wrong with Internet you never know so clicking unsaved will never hurt anything and as you see the first time that you click on save you will get the choose a domain to save your site this is because Wix gives you the option to have a free site or which is hosted on
the UC you get the Wix site com website or you can purchase a customized domain like my domain the cogito co dot u K or L star so you can choose one of those two options if you choose the free site you can always later then choose a domain if you wish to so it’s great actually to get a site set up all fully free and working and then purchase the domain so it is then ready if you like already to go up so what you can do is you can’t
change the first bit of the free sides but you can change the end bit so I can change instead of my site – Tony Pula and save and continue now my site is saved it’s not published and published means live on a web site it is simply saved so I press done and up at the top right you also see you have the option to preview this what will this page look like if it goes live and there we go it’s a bit busy that writing for me I think that needs to be
less busy but then you go back to editor is not live yet is only live once you press publish and if you are on the free sites there’s no reason you can’t publish every single time rather than pressing save so let’s put an image in here again just to add a little bit of interest see what we have available to us and any image can be shaped sized resized also click on settings or design the design can put it in different frames for example so
there’s all kinds of customizable options that are super easy peasy just by clicking on what you have dragged and dropped we need a card image don’t we let’s see what weeks has so we go to image three weeks images and let’s put in Tarot and we have some images of a tarot deck so you can obviously then snap it to the same size as the other one so it looks neat and you have a little bit more content we still haven’t done our footer so we have a
strip we have images we have text there are so many options on your add button here I’ve shown you already and we are going to add a subscription box now so that everybody who comes to your website can subscribe and you can capture their information that means it’s important that for when you move on to blogging etc because the Wix blog has the capability to send out automatic notifications via email every blog you really so let’s have a look at
our social sorry contact down here we have our subscribe button so I drag and drop a subscribe button please subscribe to me I will close that we don’t need that and again like everything you get your options available to you you can change this to any color you wish you can change it to a different layout we can customize the diet design by changing it to a different color so it fits better the button budge size and the text coloring sighs input
color that would be here for example you can even change the message that you give out every time you get a submission so for example here it would say automatically if somebody enters it will automatically say thanks for subscribing I heard you can change that too to read whatever you wish it to read add element means that you can ask for more information you can ask for their first name last name for example our settings we’ve just been through
manage subscribers that we don’t need now but that’s how you see who has subscribed you will also get an email every time somebody does subscribe and our managed fields we’ve only asked for email but we can also ask for first name for example so you would have a first name last name if you wanted there so we will leave it at that as you can see I can even change that around a little bit there we go and we can save so our first page is looking
quite website like why not go to contact now is not finished by any means we haven’t done our footer it looks a little bare in places but we will go to contact and we will add how to get in touch with us the contact forms are wonderful for collecting information they’re also wonderful for potential customers or people media wanting to get in touch with you or any kind of contact we also have more down here so if it’s not just enough that somebody
should contact you and they should be able to find you you can add Google Maps so they can find you change address Munich Germany let’s see what happens and there we go we have Munich and now let’s add our contact box you can put the full address in there and people can find you exactly where you are drag that down so get in touch and save and they get in touch is fully customizable you can change it any way you wish so we have a home page where
of a contact page should we have a video page absolutely we want people to see our YouTube videos so we go to video and we choose our YouTube option Wix does have the functionality that you can upload to Wix itself so you can actually upload your videos direct to the Wix website but for YouTube now I copy and paste because I want more than one and anything on this platform you can just copy and paste shut that one down another one in and another
one in and it would be pretty boring if we had this Wix website on the whole Wix of video so we will go to youtube and we will put in myself oops the card geek it’s my one that’s going to be coming up sorry and you go to the car geek so you go to your website yo gives me you go to your YouTube channel so you get the youtube link for any video that you wish to be shown change video paste the link and it automatically comes up we can do it quite
simply here get shareable link and you see the website start changing and taking shape oh I click publish there so I guess we have to go through what that does clicking publish automatically publishes the website to the free website address that you have chosen as mine and all it does is simply put it live so if you go to view site you now can see the website is live I can click on contact and I can click on videos and as you see it’s all there
we have a website if we go by to the editor now few finishing points just to get the basic website out there we have our bottom here our footer is empty what should we put in there well we can put our Google Maps in there of course we can put a final subscription button in there you can put a little bit of text your terms and conditions if you like anything that you feel is needed at the bottom I have obviously a subscribe button and just my
email address under and the copyright notice let’s have a look at all star space and ian’s has social links and copyright all star space so it really depends on what you want but a little bit of text I always like a good subscribe button so at the bottom we can change the bottom so it looks a little bit different if we like that’s a change background but the change footer design you can change to any color if you like and customize the design I
like it the same as the rest or a little tiny little bit different again you can right-click on anything and change that will add a little bit of text sorry text drag it down into the footer and and there we have a little bit of a footer I’ll change it a little bit so people know it’s a footer let’s customize the design cuz I all a little bit too much we want the one that spreads all the way across which is that and we want the background to be
a little bit like that and I will change the foreground to so we’re all one color nice publish again has gone up to the main website and we’re done we are done let’s have a look at our website itself sorry I’ll publish it again click on View site and look at that it’s not bad for a little bit of time spent on your computer get in touch videos there’s a lot more obviously you can put on there we are going to create a blog on the Wix website and
we’re going to go through how you get that blog to be sent through to all your subscribers which you will have let’s have a look I am going to quickly add a blog here so that when we move on to the next tutorial you know what you are working with so we click on start blogging create a stunning blog and now yes I will thank you very much wigs and then we wait for it to process it creates a new page for your blog and get started as you see they’ve
put some simple blogs in there because I’ve got a header here we can see something’s hiding behind there we go so is created three blogs for you already that you can customize you can change to any blog you like or you can start your own blog from fresh using the next tutorial I hope you enjoyed the video thank you for joining me make sure you like subscribe and comment and check in for the next installment which will explain how to manipulate
the mobile view of your website and make sure it performs beautifully on every mobile device you