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How to Create a Restaurant Website With Wix In Under 30 Minutes

Follow along this video to learn how to create an amazing website with Wix in under 30 minutes.

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hey guys it’s Leah for build a site with Viacom thanks so much for joining me today in under 30 minutes this tutorial will show you how to build and launch any type of website using Wix Wix is a drag-and-drop editor that’s super easy to use even if you don’t have any technical skills so let’s begin from step one of my guide you’ll click this link to open width in a new tab I want to let you know that this is an affiliate link meaning I have a
relationship with Wix and will get a commission if you choose to use it using my link allows me to keep the site running and comes at no extra cost to you so whether you go directly to Wix comm or click here you will now see this page where you can start now go ahead and create your free account by signing up here or continuing with Facebook or Google Plus once your details are entered log in next you’ll see this screen what kind of website do
you want to create choosing from this broad list of categories helped with to narrow down some templates for you some kind of people ask me if they can switch a template if they don’t like the one they chose you should know that you’ve got to stick with the template you choose or you’ll have to start over and since Wix allows you to create an unlimited amount of free or premium sites that won’t be a problem if you choose to start over depending
what category you choose here you may or may not see this screen start with Wix Adi or artificial design intelligence or start with Wix editor artificial design intelligence is a new feature from Wix they’ll ask you a bunch of questions and then create an automatic one-of-a-kind website for you it’s great but right now it only works with a selection of app and it has its own editor I really like it but because I want to show you the maximum
number of options to make your website your own I’m going to start with the Wix editor cool now you get to choose from a huge selection of templates all professionally designed I think you’ll really be impressed as you look through the options that you have there’s pages and pages of them you can enter a search term here to narrow down some templates browse by most popular blank templates or from this list of categories if you see one that you
kind of like and you want to have a feel for it click View once the site loads you can scroll and have a look at how the site behaves anything that you see from the images to the layout to the contact form all that can be changed but it’s really cool when you’re a beginner to have a starting point even the menu you can click through that to see how the pages change if you like it then you’re good to go click Edit this site if not go back and keep
shopping today I’m going to give you the head over the shoulder look as I create a website for a coffee shop the template I’ve chosen is under most popular so once I find it I’m going to click Edit so I can get working on the site great you’re now in what’s called the Wix website editor let’s take a brief tour across the top you’re going to see all the pages pages that come with your template these can be easily moved around deleted the names can
be changed you can add sub menus links and more all the information about your site is here and you can even exit the editor from here tools notice how when I click this check mark the BOP the tool bar on the right disappears click it again and it’s back keep the health button handy you can search for so many things on there to help you out along the way upgrades we’ll discuss later handy undo and redo buttons click here to switch to the Edit
mobile view of your site it’s free and you can switch that around to make it friendly on any device save you’ll want to do that regularly as you work on your site preview and publish over here on the Left you’ll see these buttons where you can add various elements or over here on the right you’re going to see the tool bar which allows you to adjust the elements once they’ve been added the last thing I want to show you are these gridlines if you
keep the important information inside the gridlines that means no matter what device someone is using is going to be viewer friendly let’s start editing our site to change the title click once and then edit text once it’s highlighted I’m going to type in the name of my coffee shop if I highlight it again I can swap out the font for a different one from the font menu it changes right away the size can be adjusted with the slider oops that’s a bit
big there we go and then if I want the color to be different I just click on color and change it from there but I like what I have so I’m just going to leave that so play around with the text settings you’ll see how many options you have let’s add a tagline by going to add and from the text menu I’m going to scroll down and drag out the font that I like I edit the text and type in my tagline you notice that it’s not centered if I click on it I
can use the align icon in the toolbar to Center it and make it look good you’re going to want to remember this little icon it’s called the drag handle if I click and drag it now I can reposition that a little lower so that it looks right I can use these white little circles to stretch things out again making it look good let me just align that to the center again and see how it looks great if I wanted to move this menu bar down I would just click
on it again the drag bar pull it down awesome see that paintbrush icon it allows me to change the look of the menu itself click on it and up will pop the design menu these ones called scene horizontal menus actually match the look of your theme I like this one it applies automatically let’s go to preview so you can see how it looks awesome back to the editor and we’ll carry on I’m going to want to click here and change the text to the address
that I want or remove it all together the social icons have been already added to my theme but now I just need to customize them and link them to my social media accounts so if I click there settings will pop up and everything you need is right there in the settings menu once it loads click on settings and here’s where you can add or remove anything from the social bar let’s see if we what happens when I click on the I icon to remove Twitter and
actually hide this on the bar and you’ll see that on the site as well the design can be changed I can choose one of these if I like and then again it’s automatically applied to the website I want to show you how easy it is to change an image just click on any image up will pop change strip background and now you have the option of changing the color the image or even adding a video I’ll show you that later but for now let’s click on image these
are your options of where to get the images and you can even upload your own let’s see how we can get a free one from Wix coffee shop or coffee by itself is fine click on the image change background and it’s applied awesome moving on to this area you’re just going to move on down the page and change things as you like for example I don’t want this picture here I’d click use Delete key on my keyboard or here it’s gone I can actually remove all
these images and then add in a custom gallery which makes it so easy to get a site that really looks your own I would simply choose one drag it out if you have that dragged though not going to do that now but then all those images would be able to be swapped out for my own don’t worry that you have to stick to the length of text that they give you if you click there and click Edit tend north what happens as I hit enter it just expands so they’ve
really done a good job to make things easy for you any of the elements can be changed so this button here is made up of what you see the container box and also the text box and the button now I want this button to say fresh coffee so I’m going to change the text and it changes automatically now say I want to change it’s a button so it’s going to link to something so if I want to change the link I can actually change it to go to my menu page
where they can see my selection of fresh coffee let me just show you that if I was to preview and press on fresh coffee now it changes to my menu page let’s go back to the editor we still have to fix that box because it wasn’t looking quite right so back to the home page where that button was and I want to get rid of this little greens just got faster how it goes and now I need to align the button done again changing the images of easiest
clicking change image and changing it like we did before what if we want to add a video click click change strip background and now let’s go to videos which even gives you free videos you can use on your site add it to your site and I’ve got to show you this in action so let’s hit preview I just love how this looks as a person Scrolls down they’re automatically going to be drawn to this video and in this area I want them to sign up for my mailing
list so it’s probably a good spot to use it but again you can use it wherever you want the last thing on this page is a footer area I don’t really like this color let’s click here and click design and now I want to make it great done the mailing list area is great for keeping people in touch with what’s going on at the shop but I need to link it to my email address so if I click on settings I can easily do that from the settings area later on I’m
going to be showing you how to purchase a customized mailbox that matches your unique domain name for now we’ll leave it if you want to collect a person’s name along with your email address use the toggle button here once I switch that on you’ll see it’s automatically added here the button text can be changed the location of this whole thing can be changed dragged up or down maybe I can even use these buttons to stretch it out it’s that easy we
already discussed the social icons and here is just this little copyright area again I would just hit edit text and it would be done on the next page is called our vision but I don’t really like the name I want to call it about us so what I want to do is click the circle icon click rename and in no time the name of that’s changed and you’ll see that changed on the menu as well I don’t want an order online area so removing it is simply as easy as
clicking the circle and clicking delete done now before we move on to another page I want to add a page I want to add a page that’s a link to TripAdvisor so they can see what people are saying about my coffee shop so to do that I’d add a page and add a link it asks me what I want to link to and I’m going to choose web address trip advisor comm done and now it shows up on my pages as a new link well I want that to call that TripAdvisor so they
know exactly where they’re going done but I don’t want this to be an item on the menu on its own I want it to be a submenu of about us I’m going to drag it down it’s that easy then I’m going to hit Circle bar besides TripAdvisor and call that a sub page it’s now indented to show me that if I go back and I hit preview notice what happens when I hover over about us it shows TripAdvisor if I click on TripAdvisor it takes the visitors straight there
took no time to set that up back to the editor now because this is a restaurant site it automatically included this menu so that would be a good thing to customise so again I’m going to hit menu to get to that page and then I want to customize it so over in my menu area I’m going to click and hit settings and then I can add the menu from here change the design and layout for example say I wanted to have a different feel I can click that and
notice how it changes automatically so I’m going to play with that and customize it to my own obviously uploading my own images as well great next up the blog page a blog is a great way to engage with your visitors and your customers you can do so much with that we’ll talk about that later but I want you to know that you can manage your entire blog from this button here you go blog pages add elements and more so just head on there when you want
to get that set up lastly the Contact Us page of course you want your customers to be able to find you as easily as possible I love how Wix includes Maps and contact forms so now I remove the map here because I want to show you how you could add it if you didn’t if your theme template didn’t already come with one so from the add bar hit contact scroll down find a map you like drag it to your page now the maps important you don’t want people that
are on a tablet not to be able to see it and as I said these gridlines are helping you with that so I need to pull this back in using those little white dots I can adjust this until it looks right I won’t bore you with that now I’m going to want to change the address so that it syncs with my actual address and then I also can go to change address so that I can change that to splendid cafe which is the marker on the map changing the design of the
map is as easy as clicking the paintbrush choosing a different map done this contact form here if you don’t like the layout again go ahead and change that click the layouts to something different the alignment change the design of it play with the colors and more now last thing is let’s say that at my coffee shop I have musical guests from time to time so I want to have an area where someone could I could post an event and then people could
respond and let me know if they’re coming or not there’s no area here so what I want to do is add a strip so when I click here I can go to add and you’ll see strip in the menu I want it to be black so it really stands out and it pops just like that I’m going to use this to make a little bit more room because now I’m going to show you how we can add an event app from the app market the app market is awesome you’re going to want to spend some time
there you’ve got apps from Wix itself and then third-party apps that you can choose to add all sorts of features as you see here forms comments live chat just browse through and you’ll have fun so I’m going to put events and I’m going to choose this Wix event to add to my site once it’s in there looks really professional I want to size it to the new strip I added I love how that looks so now when you want to manage your event all you have to do
is click on it and follow the instructions in the manage event button here so it’s a good idea to save your changes regularly as you work on your site when you click Save you’re going to see this box pop up where you get to choose the domain name that you want with the free version you get a name that looks like this user name Wix site comm slash and the name you choose I’ve already entered splendid cafe so if you want you can click publish now
from here and your site will be live online with the names that I just showed you so anyone who wants to see your site will have to type that all in to go there and there you see the Wix as as well with the free version now I do highly recommend that you upgrade your account and that’s because you’ll be able to have premium support connect your unique domain name it’s so much better to tell somebody that your name is splendid instead of
that big long one you’ll also get access to Google Analytics and more so from the website editor you can click upgrade and compare plans check out the premium plans page you might see different plans here depending on your template but you’ll always see one that’s called most popular I highly recommend it because it’s usually the best bang for your buck now let’s look at some of the features that are included here unlimited bandwidth so your
users will have a great experience with no frustrating slow loading times extra storage means you have more space to upload your own images videos mp3s and other files you’ll have all Wix as removed so the focus is on your brand a free domain voucher for one year which even applies to popular extensions all these features you see here and I want to point this out because the site booster app drives more traffic to your site and it’s a $60 value
in itself and lastly I want to point out that these plans that you’re being shown here includes the Wix restaurants app that already comes preloaded with this template this is a great app if you want to take orders online when I was doing the sample website you’ll notice that I actually remove that because I wasn’t going to use that feature with my cafe so in reality you can save some money if you didn’t want to go with that app and how you would
do that if you go right to the bottom here and says not a restaurant owner check out what’s premium plans for more options so these would be the basic plan that Wix offers without the premium apps added on top so once you click here you’ll see that you have five options instead of four and the unlimited plan is 1242 instead of the other amount which was just under $20 and this one includes ad vouchers a site bootstrap for $60 and the form
builder out for $48 so again the choice is yours go ahead and use a restaurant app it’s a great app first a little bit more if you need that feature and if not you can just go with the basic plan so either way you’ll make your choice and click select and now you can choose your plan subscription you can save a little bit more if you opt for a longer term it’s very tempting to go monthly but you should notice that it doesn’t include the free
domain voucher or the premium apps so by the time you add those things on your boosting your costs I prefer to go yearly and save 30% over here on the right you’ll notice you have 14 days to try your premium plan if you’re not 100% satisfied you can get your money back hassle-free make your selection and on the next page you’ll be entering credit card information so I’ll do that and I’ll be right back after I entered my credit card details they
brought me to this page where I was told my sites premium and now I get to use that free domain voucher to choose my unique domain name so in this search bar right here I’m going to type in the name I want let’s go ahead and type in splendid hit Search and now it’s telling me my name is not available that means someone else has it it gives you a lot of options here that I could choose from but I’m going to try something else I’m going to
try typing in my splendid yes it’s available just going to check the spelling and if I’m happy with that I can click to get it excellent so my registration period I have a free domain voucher for one year so I’m going to click the one year here and now as you’ll see on the right in the summary it has been reduced by that amount so really I’m not I’m getting this for free once I could continue it will show me a summary of all my contact
information it’s a good chance to review everything that you’ve already entered click continue and now I have the option to choose private registration to hide my contact info I do recommend that you choose this please notice it’s an extra 990 a year but it’s well worth it because you protect your identity prevent domain related spam and prevent domain hijacking so these days it’s worth it with some to be have that extra security on there so
click continue I can review my payment details and submit purchase so the last thing we’re going to do is get a personalized mailbox so that when someone emails me it will be Lea at my splendid cafe comm so let’s go ahead and buy a mailbox all right again I can save 18 percent by choosing the yearly plan so I’m going to do that and I want to buy one mailbox but you can make your selection here tells me the cost click to get it cool so now I have
one mailbox purchased at my splendid and I’m going to submit my purchase now on this page is where I’ll see all the details relating to my personalized email address and they’ve also emailed me that information to make it easier for me as well great so we’re done let’s have a look at the site now that it’s live with its own unique domain name as you can see which is an easy and fast way to build a website if you don’t have a lot of
technical skills if you know anyone else that’s struggling to build a website please feel free to share this video with them thanks for watching and stay tuned for more tutorials just like this