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How to Create a Landing Page in Wix in 14 mins [FREE]

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’m showing you how to create a landing page using Wix (this tutorial applies to the Free version as well!)

A landing page is the top step of your online sales funnel, and there are certain things you need to do (in terms of both design and psychology) to increase the number of people who land on this page… and who actually opt-in to your funnel.

In this video, you’ll learn:

– How to create a landing page in Wix
– My Step-by-Process for putting a landing page together
– A little headline-writing secret to convert more users (5:39)
– An over-the-shoulder view of me creating the actual page and writing the actual copy
– How to tie everything together with Wix’s email marketing platform (12:30)

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I’ll be putting some finishing touches on the landing page design and showing you a little workaround “hack” to connecting other email marketing platforms (like ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp) to Wix using some good ole fashioned Javascript (but don’t worry- if you can copy and paste- you can code this 😉 ).

good to see everyone today we’re going to be talking about how to set up a landing page for the top of your sales funnel using Wix I’m Brandon Stiles I’m a sales funnel expert out of Atlanta and let’s go ahead and get into it all right here we are on the front end of Wix so I’m using the free Wix here I used to use Wix when I first started with websites I’ve gone I’ve used pretty much everything under the Sun and I’m doing WordPress now but
Wix is a great place to get started especially if you’re not really interested in learning WordPress and kind of the ins and outs of that so everything we’re doing today can be used with a free Wix site so that’s good you don’t have to really pay for any of this stuff so what I’m going to do is I’m going to click into edit site and when I do that this blank page is going to pop up so the landing page we’re going to create is going to be a video
landing page so someone sees an ad or somehow or other arrives on this landing page and we want them to sign up for our sales funnel by asking for us to send them the video remember with sales funnels we’re giving value in exchange for a valuable email address down the road long-form play so what I like to do when I’m creating landing pages is just get the wireframe structure first so I know I’m gonna need a headline and I’m gonna pick this large
heading right here I’m not gonna do the page title or the site title because to me those are a little too skinny and thin so this large heading is nice it feels like it’s got lots of breathing room I’m going to put that at the top of the page here I’m going to Center the text here and then I’m gonna make this a little bit bigger let’s see if we can go to 40 all right it’s a good starting point so there is my headline set up next since this is
going to be a video landing page I’m going to add a video so you click on the plus you find video there and I’m just going to you can either drag over a YouTube clip let’s go ahead and do that so I’m gonna drag over this YouTube player so you can drop one in there just kind of propagate something random and then next I know on this left side right here I’m going to want body copy and some bullet points to really sell this video and show people
why they should download it so once again add text I’m gonna choose this paragraph right here I like how those that font looks against that headline drop it there I’m gonna just kind of just get it close all right we’re gonna finesse this in a little bit but I just want to get it close I’m gonna make it about that big because remember we have to put a subscribe button right below that I’m going to bring it out to about right here so I’m just
going to kind of pre fill this in just to see how much space we have so let’s say if I was going to do one more sentence and then I was going to do three bullet points looks perfect so we’re just gonna use this stuff right here I’m gonna add some bullet points right there and that’s gonna bother me that those arms aren’t taken care of let’s go ahead and fix that I’m using grammerly right there so grammerly if you aren’t using it is really cool it
saved me a lot of blog posts mishaps and it checks your word usage it checks your grammar obviously and it just pulls up those red lines and it works really well and all you have to do is click on that and it will actually change it for you so really you save a lot of time and if your sentence structure was off it would make recommendation for that too and it works great and Grimm only has a free version that you can use as well okay so the
landing page wireframe is coming together next all I need to do is add a button so let’s go over here and let’s a button as you can see there’s lots of buttons here but I’m going to choose this one up top a lot of times now you’re seeing these fully round kind of ovular buttons it’s a pretty modern look I’m going to line it up alright here maybe see if I can make this video a little bit bigger so those are the same size and that is kind of the
wireframe for our landing page so now we just have to add the copy and we have to make it look nice because if someone came here even with a copy filled in they’d be like that looks super shady and I don’t want to buy from this guy he’s probably gonna sell my name to the Russian mafia and they gotta kill me so let’s go ahead and put some copy in here so for this headline I’m just going to put free video reveals how to get a six pack in 30 days
I’m going to drag this out so that it’s not four lines of texts you can see you want to aim for two twos really good and it’s not too much to read I could even probably drag that out to one let’s see if I can do it alright that looks good I like the symmetry that also I’m going to put this in quotes I read a report at some point and I will link it below where it says putting headlines in quotes gives you a better conversion rate I’m not sure the
science behind that maybe it looks like a testimonial looks like someone’s saying it’s so human connects with it but I do it a lot and I’m going to underline this free because nothing sells like free remember we’re giving away this free video so there’s the headline I’m gonna just move this up a little bit so it’s not so far down do the same with the video and now let’s go into our body copy so with the body copy I want to create some intrigue I
want to show some mystery and some benefits with those bullet points and I’m trying to sell people on giving me their email by downloading this video so let’s go ahead and jump – that right here alright so I’m going to write a lot of people think getting a six-pack is all about diet and exercise so why that that is a common thought of a lot of people that to get a six pack you need diet and exercise but watch we’re gonna shock their world right
here it’s just not true so with those two sentences we’re breaking down a lot of knowledge that people think is is correct and what you have to do to get a six pack people just diet and workout so already we’ve caught their attention by challenging their beliefs so now we have to answer that so I’m going to say in this video you’ll learn that’s good for that now let’s come up with our bullet points and let’s use grammerly to fix that to video in
this video you’ll learn now with our bullet points are trying to think of things that save people time save them hurt save them inconvenience just again all trying to get them to click on that button sitting right down there at the bottom so I’m going to write in this video you’ll learn how to lose weight without having to give up your favorite foods let’s do two more the secret to amazing abs without having to spend hours in the gym so we’re
gonna save them time and then the one thing you can do to keep your six-pack year-round even during the holidays because that’s a problem people have to they get with their family gets cold too bundling up and then people put on weight so these are three things in the weight loss arena that would be intriguing to people so we’ve tried to sell them on this video I’m going to move this up again just so it’s kind of even with that page copy and now
we’re going to edit this button so when I’m creating these landing pages I’m trying to think in my head of what the person reading it what my prospect my customer is thinking so as they’re reading this they’re gonna say well I want that video so in my button text I’m actually going to change that to I want the video it’s assuming it’s entering that conversation going on in their mind now all you do here is you’re going to add a link so now that
we’ve kind of set up the wireframe for the page we have to connect it to your email subscription service so I’m gonna do this I’m going to click these chains and where it’s asked you what you want to link to I’m going to choose a lightbox and I’m going to create one right now so let’s dive into that a lightbox is something that when you click that button the screen is gonna go dim this is gonna pop up this is a lightbox see this thing that I’m
creating and that’s a lightbox that’s what’s gonna pop up so we can collect their name and email address watch so create create now and then I’m going to just pick something that looks really simple so that looks really simple and we’re going to edit that so I’m not feeling that marble background it looks a little bit cheap so we’re going to double click and it’s gonna give us the option to make some changes and I’m going to and I’m going to
select a color based on who might be using my service a lot so because weight loss is pretty much 50/50 men and women I’m just gonna go with a nice shade of blue there it’s not too dark let’s customize this design a little bit the border let’s do no border the opacity I like the opacity it’s good the corners I want to take these down a little bit to 10 all the way around 10 is not as harsh as the 40 pixels and I’m not going to put a shadow there
so there is our light box now we just need to edit it to make it all work by the way to get rid of that marble border around it you’re just going to drag this up drag this out drag that out and then that random marble is gone so now much more focus on this I’m going to change this to white so that it sticks out a little bit more so change the color to white and I’m going to ask the viewer where should we send your video and then I’m not going to
ask for a name here you can’t ask for a name remember the more form fields that people have to fill out the more your conversion rate is going to go down on that form so here I’m just gonna ask for the email so this is a wicks get subscribers box let’s talk really quickly about integrating an email system with Wix so there are two things you can do as of this video there are no real apps for integrating MailChimp or Aweber or active campaign
which is what I use for my subscriber lists so you could either use wix’s get subscribers native platform for building your lists or you could create a form an active campaign or Wix and get the JavaScript code and paste it in I’ll show you how to do both first we’re just gonna sign up with this Wix get subscribers so when you hover over that you’re just gonna double-click it and it will pull out everything you need to set up this form so let’s
just do the finesse the design a little bit I’m going to change the button color to maybe a red so that it sticks out because that whole page is blue let me finesse that red too maybe right about here a little bit of a flatter color there that’s a little bit nicer not exactly where I leave it but that’s fine for the sake of this video I’ve been looking around for how to get that round and I can’t find it so I’m just going to put a little border
on there so it sticks out and maybe make it white because you want people to see and know that that’s the button they need to click so where should we send your video email address subscribe all that’s good so to get all the emails sent to you so that you know where to send the videos and hopefully you could automate this you’re just going to click emails and when you get here you can actually design the email so anytime they submit to this it
will send them a copy the video it can welcome them we’re not going to go into how to design the email today but that is where you design the video email in the meantime you got to go to settings where should the notifications be sent so you would just put in your email right there and here’s where you can opt to add a name to this where you can opt to ask for a phone number again I’m just gonna leave the email address there again you can take
out the title you can add a title you can add a subtitle here’s what you change the SUBSCRIBE text so I’m going to click again and write send me the video just to kind of keep a consistent message and then for the thank you message you want to tell people if they were successful so you would just say awesome the video is on its way and then that is that so now you have let Wix know where you want your notifications to be sent you would go here
and you would design the video the email which is gonna have the video on it and then Wix get subscribers would add whoever put their email into your email list and that is how you set up a landing page if you want to click below and I am going to show you how to finesse the landing page and make it look a little bit better but also I’m going to show you how to incorporate MailChimp or active campaign or Aweber into your Wix page so that it works
for whatever email thing you’re using I’m Brandon Stiles and thanks for watching I hope you learned how to create a landing page using Wix you