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How to create a free hosting at and Joomla

This video is about we will present about free hosting to Prof. Sarun

hi I am pretty well in our group project we would like to show you an our website in our website will create hosting website for free and we will introduce you in a NIC fit and in our fat head is my profile you can see hello my name is Gator in lillehammer and deduced my profiles hello my name is Hannah wat catalyst on this my profile showed my information my name is tonight aranya and this is my 45 hello my name is tasha tah grab yard my name
is risk this is my profile hello my name is Santa wat that it will act it is my profile and we will show you how to create free hosting website step by step hi everyone so today we will show you how to create our website step by step first we have to create an account by filling up information you can sign by Facebook or cocoa but today we will like a few information to show you how we create by ourselves when we finish up the information we have
to confirm by gmail and I will sign my gmail and confirm it yes next we should we show the free hosting website and then being key then we fill in the informations that they give us we should the subdomains and you choose okay next step we fill in the information that’s give us at this very important so we need to fill indeed we get to this pit and we have to wait for a state that activate yes it’s activate so we have to choose a oh this tool to
create our websites yes I shoot this one so it be sure many template you can choose it this one you can you can tell anyone you like yes this show many time template can help you to create what you want yes and this one I you sure this to show you the team football I hope you like it and this one is for the pics you can insert the text by this one and this one is for the inside the picture this one is scared of Kelly and this one is far inside
YouTube and map you can insert a very high of this by little menu and we have the socials ecommerce and mapping and then we can public it to be the epic of science and also we can sit get a setting anything and go to and grip on the top other left-hand hub and we can sit by the dark when we finished that one we will continue on the to install the Samba by Aldo programming auto installer kick it and then studded genre and then kick it and beauty
in the information that they gave to us you can share and get too many requests we will show you at English language and use your user and password and then inside and when we finish the installations we will gather boo we will get this one is paid and we go in is a website that they kept us and this is Domna next you can fill in there using it as web refers to edit the job up here and you will be a super user so you can eat it all up your pet
and now we can start a joomla and you can eat it as you want to eat it thank you for watching this video card congra