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How To Create a Business Domain Email using Namecheap and Forwarding it to Gmail

Discover how you can create a domain email in Namecheap and then forwarding the email to Gmail so that you do not have to pay for external email hosting.

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hi before i begin let me just explain what is domain email for example i’ll be showing you this domain that i buy can on and the domain email is like the email that for example i put can at or something like that it is not a email that is hosted by free email hosting like gmail yahoo or hotmail so they are they are not they are not these are free providers so these are the domains that you bought and then you create an email
for that domain now why is it important because when you have the domain it means you have the address so what it means that when you were to send email using that it seems as more legit and not spam because free email anyone can create so it can be spammy when you try to send a lot of emails using those free email providers for example if you use like autoresponder like your response mailchimp active campaign whatever all these kind of photo
responders they will always advise you to get a domain kind of email and not using normal emails free provider emails because of it may look scammy it might look spammy because everyone can create but not everyone can have a domain email and that’s why it is important to get a domain email but what if you don’t to get a hosting just to put your email there so there’s a way you can do it yeah you can create it and the email inside the domain
company so for myself i like to use namecheap because i feel that their service is good the prices are reasonable and and it’s very easy to use so what i can do is i create an email using my domain and then i’ll redirect it to gmail so this video i’ll show you how to do that it’s actually very simple and it won’t take long okay and if you’re new to this channel so do subscribe i think i do a lot of content on digital marketing and i believe that
my content really will help like marketers or entrepreneurs that’s trying to put build their presence in online and i really appreciate if you can help support this channel and let me just show you my computer this this simple way where i can just send my domain email into my redirect my domain email into my gmail account so i’ve already logged into my namecheap account as i mentioned i like to use namecheap so if you want to get namecheap you
can go to the description box below to register using my link so it’s an affiliate link it’s up to you whether you want to use that or not uh if you want to use it i would highly appreciate it if not you can just type namecheap at google and then you can just register as how you like it so i have this domain which is canon which i plan to use it soon so i’ll go to for example not renew i’ll remove it soon so i just go manage so when you
manage this domain product sharing and mrcns all you have to do is just go down there and you go to redirect email right so for example i want to put an email i just put header forwarder forward to so any email from uh will be sent to forward with this canaanwk so yes okay so let me just show an example when i send an email to this email you will go to my gmail account right so this is one of my email address so i just bought
can can we okay com testing sent now do take note that even after you send it won’t it won’t go immediately because you need time for this to propagate so it’s not that you will arrive into your email address as soon as it’s sent so you might need to wait a while right there and you see it it’s here testing one two three you see here sent to ken dot and can but it it’s it’s being transferred i mean it’s being redirected to my email
address which is scanning so it’s as simple as that so the only issue that you’ll face is when you have a redirect domain or you have different name servers uh that is test when for example you want to link your your your domain to another place then you cannot do that to another hosting then you have to use a hosting email but for now if you’re just using the default name chip uh basic you can do this you can even do subdomain if you
want to but yeah this is that it’s just like that just has to say redirect and then you can use this email already you can put this this this scan and we’ll get for example any domain you want into any of your your name card or even you can use it in autoresponder uh because every time autoresponder they want you to authenticate their domain right by sending some mailchimp you always have to do that i think active can do that as well so they will
always ask you to authenticate the email so every time when you when you when you put in the domain email they will send an email to that domain email to make sure you receive it so this is how you can do it immediately you can have that that authentication email sent to your gmail account and immediately use it and even people email that’s why i can go to achievement account there you can set up rules you can create a folder just for that email
itself for you to manage it and i think this is useful because and it’s free that’s why when i work with startup previously we created a few gmail account we bought a domain and then we all redirect email to the gmail account and that’s how you do it so this yep so that is how you create a domain email and then you send it over redirect it to your gmail this can be done this this is done easily using namecheap and if you like what i share do give
me a like or subscribe to my channel to help this little channel grow so that i can keep producing content like that like this right i really appreciate your time and i hope i help able to help you in a certain way so yeah do subscribe and i’ll see you in my next video goodbye