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How To Create A Blog with WIX

Sorry, this is my first video and my network was really slow.

okay so I am going to attempt to do a little tutorial on Wix comm and how to create a website a blog so here goes so you just log in to Wix comm and create sign-in for an you know create an account for yourself and then when you first get started there is a section of templates that you can pick from so there’s either most popular ones I started with a blank template there’s really good blank templates you can start with that actually give you
you know different layouts you can go into the health and beauty and look for one that’s kind of already made and use that as a template and just update it let’s use one of these as an example how about this weight lost or anyone you can always click in there take a look around if you like it then you would go to edit this site so this is the template that the free template that you can use and then update it for yourself it already comes
pre-populated so you would have to update all of this but let’s say you wanted to use this one then you would say edit this site okay so now that you’re on the editing mode you can actually click into the title for example and then a little window will pop up and you can edit the text and I don’t know why my computer’s going so slow right now but you can highlight those and you can say Jen’s fitness journey let’s say that’s what you want to do
you can do that then let’s say I don’t want this cupcake here but I do want a picture that you can click this and you can change the image and this is going to show images that I already have out here but if you don’t have any images you can start adding images you can use free images from Wix or stock images that they have so I have mine I have them all categorized to add photos it’s easy you can just go into your Windows Explorer get the folder
of all your images and I can just drag it in here when I do that it starts uploading so let’s say I want this one as my icon then we click that and then click on change image okay so then there it is you can make it bigger you can crop it however you want to do so I can make this bigger if I wanted to like that by just dragging you can actually make it a button so if you want it to link to something else later you can do that and it looks like
right now this pate this website only has this homepage which is a blog page it looks like and then it has an About tab to get to the About tab you have to click on the pages button this will be a list of all your different pages that you currently have so there’s a home which is a blog and then about so let’s say you want to update your About tab so right now there’s already stuff in here so maybe you want to put a picture of yourself so again
double click you can change the image so let’s say I want to put a picture of myself horrible picture but oh well okay so then you can update what it says right here there’s actually a subscribe section but maybe you don’t want that there you can actually click on that you can you know whatever you want this to be for you can add things in there like little widgets little you know apps there’s different apps you can add yeah like a subscribe form
a contact form I think for mine I put contact which is I think the same thing I don’t know what the SUBSCRIBE form is so you can add whatever you want in here oh so this is what the subscribe for updates looks like which is kind of cool too if you want to do like a newsletter or something but here you could put you know contact me or you know whatever you want to put in there in their settings so obviously it’ll come up with okay so what email do
you want it to come to you know what fields do you want them to fill out which ones are required and you know once they hit Send there’s a message that they’ll get it’ll say your details are successfully sent or you know whatever you want it to say to them you can add all that to it so now let’s say you want to add a page a photo gallery page or a page that links to your Facebook or something like that so you’re going to actually go and you can
add a page so you want to add a page and you pick what kind of page it is maybe it is a gallery or or if you don’t want it to open up directly to your blog you can actually create a landing page or welcome page let’s say we want to just do I don’t even know what we’re going to do right now let’s just do like a portfolio of pictures let’s say I think this is what I used when I created my recipes and let’s say we want to do recipes so you can name
the tab recipes so when you do that you’ll see it pop up up at the top so now you have one of those pages so when you click on it to update it comes pre-populated already with stuff in it so you can either go with that or you can change it up so this right now is a photo slideshow but you could just make it an image you could do whatever you want here you can add um you can make it just a plain image you can make it a gallery you can make it
media like a video however you want to move things around you can do that here so let’s say I didn’t want any of this stuff here and I just wanted it to have my Facebook there you can delete all of this stuff let’s say I wanted to add social media oops I think it’s actually in the market there’s apps in here you can download so if you go to the social section you can link your Instagram to here or your Facebook page so I think I linked to my
Instagram feed you can add it to the site for free it defaults to Wix so you can right click on it and go to app settings and you can connect your own account to it shall I take it to my channel let’s make sure that works yeah so it’s there okay I think it updated now so now you see you can make this bigger and you could put you know in here follow me on Instagram here’s my new Instagram account you know whatever you want to change that to and
then on top now I can change it instead of saying recipes you can edit this and maybe I’ll name it Instagram so now when I do that when I scroll up to the top it’ll be Instagram you can do the same for Facebook you can add you know when people come to your homepage you can have you can add some social media widgets or you know to tell people to like your Facebook page you can add that to it you know if you have Pinterest or YouTube you can add
those to your page and when you want to update your blog so this is your blog you would right click on your blog and go to add and edit blog posts let’s go ahead and save when you save it’s going to ask you what you want to name your site I’m just going to say not now hmm it won’t let you home okay so let me just go back to my own site and I can show you what it looks like okay so now we’re on my actual blog you can right-click on it and go to
add and edit blog post this is how you would update your blog so here’s all my blog entries you would go up here to do a new post so if you wanted to create a new post we would start doing it here and you can insert images and insert videos within your blog post once you’re done you could save it as a draft you could preview it and you could publish it and anytime you make changes to your site make sure you save and it won’t publish to your
actual live site until you hit publish you can always preview it and whenever you’re creating new pages you can actually embed them under a current tab so under my blog I actually have two other pages that don’t show up on my main menu you have to actually scroll over blog to get to them like my workout page in my recipes page you’re only allowed one actual blog site blog page I guess per site so these aren’t actually blogs for more galleries I
guess so on my home page I created buttons so first have a slideshow and then I have these little images below and I inserted these buttons so you can actually go and add a button you can add a button here so let’s say you want to there would be an image button or like a word like a button that has a word on it so here’s my little button then I move it over here if you click on it you could call it whatever you want to call it and then where does
it link to