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in this video we will go over how to connect your domain from Google Apps and update your DNS records I know this looks complicated however if you just follow the steps in this video you will have no problem getting through it this gets easier as you go now you have two places where you need to configure things in your Wix account and with your domain registrar where you bought the domain from in order to connect your Wix site to your domain name you need to make sure you already purchased two things the domain from the registrar such as Google Apps and upgrade your website to a premium package that allows for you to connect your own domain once you do this you can connect your domain to your Wix website you will need to first log in to your Google Apps account and change the records go ahead and login to Google Apps click manage account information now click domain settings from the top menu choose the domain names tab and click on Advanced DNS settings now select sign into DNS console your GoDaddy domain control center will open in a new tab here you need to copy and paste your sign-in name and password from your Google Apps account which is the information here this is not your Google Apps sign-in and your GoDaddy domain manager click your domain name now click set name servers in the pop-up screen choose I have specific name servers for my domains now enter in the Wix name servers at ns1 Wix comm and NS to wix.com ok now you will need to update your Wix domain manager log in to your Wix account and under my account go to manage premium click domains click already have a domain under name servers click Next under connect your domain to Wix in the domain name field type in your domain without the www then click continue now select an email provider from the drop-down menu if you have one if your email provider is not listed in the drop-down menu please select other and ask your domain host for their MX records under connect your Wix site choose the Wix document to connect your domain to click Save and then done and that's it you have successfully connected your Google Apps domain please allow 72 hours for the changes to take effect .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]Learn how to connect your domain from Google Apps to your Wix website. This is done in your Google Apps account and in your Wix account. Click below to sign up!



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