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How To Connect NameCheap Domain To BlueHost (Using DNS Nameservers) (2019)

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In this video, I’ll show you how to connect a Namecheap domain name to Bluehost by using name servers.

If you need help purchasing a domain name from Namecheap, please watch this video:

Step 1)
Go over to and click “Account” in the upper right hand corner. Then click “Dashboard.” In your dashboard, go the left and click “Domain List” to find your domain name. To the right of your domain name, click “Manage.”

Step 2)
We are now going to connect our domain name using what’s called “Custom DNS.” DNS stands for Domain Name System (this is like the phonebook for the internet). We connect domain names in the DNS using name servers.

Next, go down until you see “Nameservers.” Click the drop down box to the right and choose “Custom DNS.” We will now enter the nameservers for Bluehost. They are as follow: and

It may take up to 48 hours to connect, however, as seen in this video, it may connect right away. It only took 10 minutes to connect in this example.

Step 3)
Head over to Bluehost and login to your dashboard. To the left of your dashboard click on “Domains” then click on “Assign.” You will then be directed to complete four steps.

In step one, click on “Use a domain that is not already associated with your account.” In the box, type in the domain you bought.

If the DNS servers are updated, Step 2 will automatically say “Ownership Verified….” If it does not say this, come back later and check on it again.

In the third step, click on “Addon Domain.”

In step 4, leave it checked on “Create a new directory.” A directory is simply where Bluehost stores the files of your website. If you’d like to change the name of your directory, you may do so in the box or leave it as is.

Then click the green box that says “Assign this Domain” and you are done.

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all right so in yesterday’s video I showed you guys how to buy a domain name from now we’re gonna connect that domain name to Bluehost and so we’re gonna head over to and we’re gonna go under account and where it says dashboard we’re just gonna click and in your dashboard you can find your domains but you can also find your domains to the left where it says domain lists my domain that I bought yesterday was James
Jordan XYZ and to the right of it we’re just gonna press manage now we’re gonna connect this domain name using what’s called custom DNS so if you go down where it says name servers and in the drop down box it says custom DNS and that you’re going to click on that DNS just stands for domain domain name system it’s kind of like the phonebook for the internet and we connect with places and different websites and such and hosts and other software
like clickfunnels using what’s called name servers this might sound a little bit complicated but it’s really not so for Bluehost I made this little document right here these are the name servers for Bluehost and all you’re going to do is copy this exactly the sorry n NS one Bluehost calm and ns-two ns-two Bluehost comm and so just copy that and we’re going to enter it back where it says name server 1 so that’s the NS 1 Bluehost calm and name
server 2 is ns-two Bluehost comm and you’re just gonna press the checkmark I says oops something went wrong did I mess up somehow I’m gonna do it one more time see here oh I think I forgot to do the two maybe ns-two bluehost calm and then just practice checkmark and that should go through and if this loads too slow I promise I will fast forward okay and now says the DNS server update may take up to 48 hours to take effect this is usually never
the case for me it usually takes less than an hour sometimes it takes right away but I’ll go over to Bluehost and we’ll check if it’s ready okay it’s been about 10 minutes since we put in those name servers now we’re gonna head over to Bluehost calm if you don’t have Bluehost already I’m gonna leave a link in the description below it is an affiliate link so if you’re gonna sign up for Bluehost anyways I’d really appreciate it if you use my
affiliate link I’ll get a small commission when you do that and so it really helped me out but if not don’t worry about it we’re just gonna go over to login and to left word and go down to where it says domains and you’re gonna click a sign and we’re gonna check the in the step one we’re gonna check where it says use a domain that is not already associated with your account so we’re gonna type in James Jordan dot X Y Z cuz that’s the one we
bought okay sweet so it’s ready so it literally took only ten minutes because in step two you’ll see where it says verify ownership it says that ownership verified the name servers for the domain James Jordan X Y Z are currently set to NS one NS to Bluehost com step three this is an add-on domain don’t worry about Park domain or unassigned domain this is an add-on domain and then step four which is the last step you’re gonna create a
new directory a directory is just like what your hosts does to store files of your website so don’t worry about that you can change the name if you want but but for me I’m just gonna leave it as is and then to the bottom right you’re just gonna press assign this domain alright well that was basically it you’re all connected now I thought I’d just show you one last step to create your site you’re just gonna go over to my site and put it and click
create site I’m just going to name it James Jordan online and then the site tagline I’ll just do like tech stuff this is just for an example click Next in your drop-down box click your domain name don’t worry about directory uncheck these plugins unless you want to use them I actually do use monster in sight it’s the only one I use click Next and then this will take you to your WordPress dashboard and then you can create and design your website
and you’re a hundred percent ready to go that’s basically it for this video oh and you can just type in log into WordPress and then you’re there so if you like this video please give it a like maybe think about subscribing if you guys are into tech stuff and comment below if you guys need help with anything website related or any tech stuff online related so let me know what you think and have a great one