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How to connect Namecheap and Netlify (EASY)

This is a quick tutorial on how to connect Namecheap and Netlify for free domain hosting. This method uses the nameservers and custom DNS through namecheap to connect with Netlify’s servers.
Feel free to ask any questions, there are many different methods that work for this, but here is what I prefer

I just wanted to make a quick video on how to connect Namecheap with metla Phi for free domain hosting I’m not gonna go into much detail of either of the products named chief in the Phi but I just wanted to show how to connect the two so that they’re communicating with each other you have a custom domain that’s hosted through Netta Phi and you’re not having to pay for your hosting through Namecheap you just pay for your domain so what we’re
gonna do is do this through what’s called a name server and before I get started on this just make sure you have a domain purchase with it with namecheap if you don’t already have one you’re just going to search it here find one that you like Add to Cart and pay for it and once you have that the second thing you’re gonna want to do is make sure you have a net the Phi account you can do that by going to net fi calm this is my account here but
you’re gonna want to go to fi comm and sign up for an account that’s free for the standard plan which is just static website hosting and yeah that’s all you’re gonna need for for now oh and of course a website if you if you want a landing page or anything for for your actual website to actually publish something you’re going to need the website to do so the files on your computer but to connect the DNS we won’t need that so on the Namecheap I’m
gonna go over to account dashboard then I’m gonna go to a domain list and click on the domain that I want to edit the one that I want to connect to name to net the Phi so I’m gonna use this sixties ma Salvador com then click on actions DNS slash host records so this house here please do a final review before changes just a little disclaimer you have one domain selected that’s the one we want to select and the current DNS as you can see his
name cheap basic DNS we’re gonna want to change that to a custom one and then we understand this may servers and they may stop working another disclaimer there this last one is optional you don’t have to notify via email but you can if you’d like click Next then we’re going to want to go to custom DNS server type and now I have these name servers come up this is where we’re gonna go over soon that if I once you’re logged in you’re gonna want to
click on domains and I already have this here but I’m gonna do it one more time just saying it’s just a show so add a register domain and type in the domain this already has an owner is that you yes it is and I’m just gonna skip past this optional for now cuz I’m just connecting it directly with namecheap for hosting not for anything else at this time so I’ll continue then act if I activate and then defy DNS update your domain server last step
login to your domain provider and change any service and following so we’re just going to copy and paste these one by one basic code on the split split view on this button yes or too late now so copy those for DNS records over and click Save Changes should be brought back to your domain this and you’ll be good to go on Namecheap come over back to nail if I click done now we have this set up so when we go to domains it’s going to show us this
website now and if you just wanted to connect the domain that’s all you need to do but we’re gonna want to put a site on it too but if you ever forget these these name servers or if you ever need to change anything else it’ll all be in the domains and whichever link it is ok so now to put a website on there of course make sure you have a website with some website files go to sites and then all you have to do is drag and drop from your desktop
onto laughs I so want to deploy in your site just drag and drop your site folder here and it’s uploaded both sigh has now sites been deployed I’m just going to change if you click on the settings their site settings that’s going to get you into the site settings but we want to be right here so the site’s been deployed now I want to set up a custom domain again we already have this type in that domain yes it’s me and now what what this going to do
is bring up this custom domains with the checking for DNS configuration and this will take a little bit we already have put these into the to the name server we can verify that we have the custom DNS just like we planned looks like we set up so now it’s just going to be a little bit of a waiting game but once everything’s done it could be up to 24 to 48 hours we’re going to have this link all together it’s going to be green just like this top one
green and then the HTTP is with SSL it’s also going to tell you that it’s is set up so yeah that’s all you have to do to get the two linked together feel free to come if you have any questions like I say it just takes a little bit at this point so you know we’ve got this one set up now there we go so the the domains are actually set up now since they are I’m just going to verify that it’s working and there we are the same file that I just dragged
over HTML this is from html5 up it has that right here and so you see it’s pretty quick the HTTP will take a little bit for the SSL but and that’s of course to make it so it shows that it is secure so you can have little at the the lock shown which is a big help for most websites but that’ll take a little bit and then that’s all you gotta do