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How to Connect Domain Name with Web Hosting in GoDaddy

How to Connect Domain Name with Web Hosting in Godaddy
If you wanted to know how to connect your domain to hosting then this tutorial is for you to watch this video till the end and you will come to know how to configure a Domain with Web Hosting Server.
In this video, I will set up a domain and hosting which I get from GoDaddy. So let’s learn how to link a domain with hosting.

This video will show you how to connect your domain name with web hosting. Web hosting is the service that stores all of your website files, connects them to the internet, and makes them available for viewing by visitors. The right web host can make a world of difference in your site’s performance and reliability, so choosing one wisely is important!

The following steps are needed in order to connect domain name with web hosting: 1) Purchase Domain Name 2) Purchase Web Hosting 3) Configure DNS Settings 4) Connect Domain Name With Web Hosting 5) Complete GoDaddy Checkout 6) View Your Website 7 ) Test Your Site

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