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How To Connect Domain Name With Hosting Godaddy || Link Domain To Hosting || Digital Chandu Telugu

How To Connect Domain Name With Hosting Godaddy || Link Domain To Hosting || Digital Chandu Telugu

After Purchase a Domain and Hosting Connecting Together is one Most important step we have to do. its a single time setp up but we’ve to do it carefull without getting errors so i explained in live above video kindly watch it for better understading. Before going to do it you need to know what is domain and what is web hosting so check below definations and check our playlist for live videos.

What Is Domain ?

Domain Is nothing but it is an website address where internet users access to your content like Text, Images, Video, Audio and etc.. (or)
The domain name is your website address that people type into the URL bar in the browser to visit your website.

A name is used for locating and characteristic computers on the web. Computers use IP addresses, that are a series of number. However, it’s tough for humans to recollect strings of numbers. due to this, domain names were developed and wont to determine entities on the net instead of victimization IP addresses. a site name may be any combination of letters and numbers, and it can be utilized in combination of the varied domain name extensions, appreciate .com, .net and more. The domain name should be registered before you’ll be able to use it. each domain name is unique. No two websites can have the same domain name. If someone types in, it will go to your website and no one else’s.

What Is Web Hosting ?

When a “website hosting” company allocates area on an internet server for a internet site to save its documents,website hosting makes the documents that make up a internet site (icon, images, etc.) to be had for viewing online. All web sites you go to are hosted at the server. The quantity of server area allocated for a internet site relies upon at the sort of web website hosting. The foremost sorts of web website hosting are shared, dedicated, VPS and distributed. They fluctuate in step with the sort of server generation used, the extent of management provided, and the extra offerings provided.

Web web website hosting is a web provider that permits you to submit your internet site or internet utility at the Internet. When you join up for an internet web website hosting provider, you’re essentially renting a area on a bodily server in which you could save all of the documents and records wished in your internet site to feature properly.

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