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How To Connect A Namecheap Domain In Builderall

How to connect a namecheap domain in builderall.
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In this video i will show you how to connect your namecheap domain to your builderall website / landing page.

It’s really easy and takes a few minutes.
You can also activate your free SSL too which i cover in this video.

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top everyone is our here and in this video I’m going to show you how to connect your domain to build rule I’m also going to show you where you can get the cheapest domains online the provider I use how you can get your SSL’s for free connected up and build a rule and how easy it is to do so first off what you need to do is you need to go over to Namecheap and make an account you can get there by clicking the link below this video once you’re
there and you’ve made an account just go straight over to domains and domain name search it should just be on the home page what you need to do is you just need to find your name type in anything you want preferably something to do with you and your business so it would be something like donations success or success with me success with your name search for the domain see if it’s available try different variations if it’s not quite what you want
and then here you’ll be able to see you get the cheapest prices on the internet for dot-coms nets dorks what you need to do is you just need to then press Add to Cart and then view your car and then click to pay you can use PayPal or debit or credit card so once you’ve got your domains you need to go over to account you might just want to pause this video for a minute while you go over and finish paying for your domain and get your domain and
then come back to it in a second and I’ll show you how to connect it up to your builder rule template which you got from me or the Builder or side which you made yourself so the second part to connect the domain it’s very very easy you just go over to your domains up here under the account tab you then click the domain that you want to connect click manage and then here where it says name servers is n is you have to fill out nothing else so where
it says nameservers it says custom DNS this is because I’ve changed it to custom DNS to start with it will say name chief basic DNS so you just need to click this button here and make sure you select custom DNS next go back over to build a rule inside the website they all depart you then click I’m just going to quickly disconnect this domain so you can see how to do this process okay maybe that didn’t work well let’s just go here so connect
domain you click these three little dots here press connect domain it will pop up here with I’m asking you for your website domain so you just type in the one which you want to connect where you want it to be published would be the area closest to you I’m in UK so I always put London be in the USA you put USA and then it will come up with telling you the instructions to change the name servers so here you need to copy and paste this one here and
also this one here so these are the two name servers so take the first one go over to Namecheap and that’s where you put it here in name server one you then press add name server and it will give you another line you can add in where you put the second name server ring you then press confirm which there will be a little green button here you press confirm it will give you a message saying your dns settings have been updated and they’ll come into
effect soon then you click I’ve got it let me connect to the name click Save and then your domain will be connected so the next thing we have to do is activate the SSL certificate this is really easy too it’s just a couple of clips inside the Builder all on back-office so you go to these free little dots here so you then go to the three little dots here and you simply click activate SSL it says it will take up to two hours and just be patient
with this but then it will activate your SSL it will also tell you the progress of this because the padlock usually is grayed out but once it’s done it turns green so this is all you need to know about where to get the cheapest domains how to connect them up to your build or off site so that you can host them on with your landing page the template you golf me all the buildable sites you made thanks for watching