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In this tutorial we're going to take a look at how to
configure FlashFXP to work with your website. We will begin by selecting from the Sites menu the Site Manager option. Once the site manager pops up, you can create
various groups by selecting the new group
button. We'll call this group "personal". You can create as many groups as you want.

Here I'm going to create one more group called,
"clients". You can also organize the groups in a tree
structure. If you don't like the placement of these
groups you can simply drag and drop the folders and place them somewhere else. Within the
"personal" group, I'm going to create a new site
connection by first select in the "personal" folder and then
clicking on the New Site button. I will give this connection a name such as my

I will then press the OK button. and as soon as I do that the options for this connection become available.
On the address field I will type in the URL of my FTP server. In this case it's a fictitious
domain name called "mydomain.com". If your server uses a port number other than 21
feel free to modify this number to reflect that port number.

We will also need to provide a username and
password. Under the "Remote Path" you have the option to
establish a path to connect directly into. In this case I want to be able to upload all my files directly into the public_html folder, so I will type
that name in this field and for local path you can choose a local folder
on your machine that either already contains the
files you will be uploading or will contain them at some point in the near
future. I will press this blue button to open up the
"Browse for Folder" dialogue and select: Desktop. Here, I will create a new folder called
"mydomain.com" and press the OK button.

Once you are satisfied with your settings you
can press the apply button. You can then choose to connect right away or
simply close the site manager and going forward you will be able to connect to
this web site by pressing the connect button and under the list of options you will see your
various groups and within those groups and list of all your connections. In this case I only have
one called "My Website". I will press on that now and connect to the server. Congratulations, you now know how to configure
FlashFXP to work with your website.


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