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How to change your theme on Wix – Font Theme – Wix Website Tutorial For Beginners

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Changing your default theme on Wix has become easy with the “Save Theme” feature in the text editor. Changing your text theme allows you the ability to create the style of font you want and use it every time to keep your website uniform. In the process of creating a website, this saves you loads of time. This changing your font theme in Wix process is well worth it and very effective.
Topics Covered:
-Web Design Giveaway Introduction
-Changing Your Theme On Wix
-Editing Your Text
-Updating The Design
-Customizing the layout
-Web Design Giveaway Conclusion
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what is up guys computer mdf gilbert here and in today’s video i’m going to teach you how to create and save your new text theme throughout your website here on Wix I know there’s been some difficulties with this and there’s been a bit of confusion and I got a viewer email as a video request so I wanted to get this video out as soon as possible and hopefully clear the air up for you guys so a little update a week from today and today is April
23rd so April 30th I will be announcing the winner for my free Wix web design contest because if you have not entered that giveaway contest yet you can do so by going down to the description and clicking on the link to that free witch web design contest video once you get on there you’ll have a few basic requirements to enter you have up until April 29th which is that Saturday so 6 days from now to enter I will take entries all the way up until
11:59 p.m. on Saturday night but as soon as 12 a.m. hits I’m cutting it off and then we are moving into selecting the winner which will be a random process so if you have not done that yet the winner of the contest will get a free custom witch website built from me for you so yeah I mean there’s nothing to lose no catch to it I just wanted to show you guys my appreciation so if you’ve not checked out that video I highly recommend you go do so
because you never know you could be that lucky winner but now let me get into today’s video which is how to like edit your text and save it as a theme on your website so we’re just going to go in here to add and we’ll select whatever text we want I’ll just click this paragraph 1 so now we have this paragraph text now the issue people run into is a lot of times they’ll start with the template and then they’ll notice they don’t really like the font
and the look of the text on that template and then they decide to change it and edit the text to make it how they want it to look however the thing is they change it for that one piece of text if they want to add more text throughout the website and it’s not saved as a theme because most of you are watching this video because you’re not sure how to save it as a theme you have to go and change it every single time you add text with this method
what you do is you actually save this as a theme so that way every time you click this paragraph button your text is added in the default theme is that font in that color and that size that you initially created in that that you liked so it makes it easier so you don’t have to do it every single time so we come into here we click edit text it will open the text settings once we do that we don’t want the default theme here so you would come in
here change the font to whatever you want we’ll just say we want basic we want the size to be 15 we want the color to be this bluish color ah what will go will go with the white actually because that’s a pretty common color for website and then those are the basic settings you can see you can come in here and choose the spacing and the effects if you want all that on your text but once you’ve edited all these settings here and you figured out
exactly how you want your text to look and be added to your website as default you’ll see up here a themes Save theme so you simply click Save theme and then you would click Save again now I’m not going to save that theme to this website because I happen to like the default theme here but you would simply click Save again and then BAM is added as a default theme so every time you add that paragraph one it will be added as the theme you had it set
up and created just like you want it instead of having to edit it every single time you add some text so guys it’s that simple if this video helped you out with that quick and easy little tip it I’m telling you it will make your life so much more easier if you actually follow along with this video I know it seems like a simple thing but that simple thing really cuts them out and cuts the amount of time it takes you to build a website so if that
video did help you out please drop a like down below comment if you have any questions at all don’t forget to subscribe to me here on computer I’m Dave Gilbert because I’m looking to grow with you guys and bring you some more awesome wit content guys once again if you have not checked out that giveaway contest video I recommend you go check it out you share it you get it involved because that contest is coming to an end six days winner announced
a week from today thank you guys for watching today’s video and I’ll catch you on the next one