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How To Change The NameSERVERS & Connect GODADDY Domain To BLUEHOST Hosting – For BEGINNERs IN TAMIL

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You will Learn How to CONNECT a GoDaddy domain to Bluehost so that you can start building your WEBSITE.

I have purchased my domain name ( in GoDaddy site
And also Purchased Hosting place in BLUEHOST.

In order for your domain name to be viewable, it needs to “point” towards your web host’s DNS and the name servers need to be set correctly.

Bluehost’s Name servers:

In this video, I have taught you the steps to reconfigure the name servers of the Godaddy domain with Bluehost nameservers, which makes you easy to build a WordPress site easily in Bluehost hosting site.
Step by Step method explained in detail practically in Tamil.

In the previous video, I have shown How to buy Domain in Godaddy
And Hosting in Bluehost.

Every Digital Marketer learns this setup to maintain the hosting and domains.

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What is a Website?
Digital Identity or Visiting Card on Internet or profile is your website.

What is Domain Registration?
A domain name is the name of the business for your website.

What is Web Hosting?
Just like you need a room or place to keep all the groceries products to sell.
In Hosting you have to buy storage space to keep your website content, that space is web hosting.

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