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How to Change the Color on Your Website | GoDaddy GoCentral

Learn how to change up the colors on your website with GoCentral Website Builder. It basically takes a click to make the switch! Find more information about GoCentral at:

Want to change the hot pink on your website to a calming blue? No problem. This video shows you how to change the main color on your GoCentral site.

With your GoCentral website open in the designer tool, click Theme to display the formatting tools on the right.

Then click Colors to open the colors grid. Your site’s current color is highlighted.

Now, simply click another color in the grid. Immediately you can see how that color affects your site’s look and feel. Try out as many colors as you like.

Each time you make a change, it is saved automatically.

When you settle on a color, click Preview to see how it will look on a computer and a mobile device.

Like it? Then click Publish. Not sure it’s right? Click Edit, click Theme, click Colors, and keep trying.

With a host of hues to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one!