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How to Change Nameserver in godaddy for other hosting

Learn how to change Nameserver in Godaddy for another hosting. Step by step video guide.

Learn Complete digital marketing with a digital marketing zone. Get step by step guide through our video.

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Learn Online Digital Marketing With DIGITAL MARKETING ZONE. Most of the content will be shared through videos and blogs to better understand. The whole process will tech you in-front of your eyes. I will try to give your most relevant content so you can understand and take action to utilize it. Without taking any action this course will be worthless, so learn and take action and apply now and see the result. The money will start rolling in slowly.

What you will learn from me.

1. How to start a YouTube channel?
2. How to start Blogging?
3. How to do Affiliate Marketing?
4. How to Create Niches Website?
5. How to do Email Marketing?

Now the basic question arises “why you to learn all the above steps”

Ans: It is because these are the basic path of digital marketing.

1. How to start a YouTube channel?

Learn step by step guide through the video that will be shared with you on how to make a YouTube channel? How and where to add a keyword to rank your channel? How to upload videos? How to choose a title? How to create a playlist?

2. How to start Blogging?

If you are interested in blogging? This is the best way to make money online work from home comfort. How to choose a niche? How to choose a domain related to your niches? How to choose web hosting at a low price with all features. How to create a blog? How to do SEO? How to write and post an article on your blog? How and when to monetize your blog to earn money? How to submit your website or blog to Google to rank in google?

3. How to do affiliate marketing?

You will learn step by step guide how to do affiliate marketing? How to create affiliate links to earn money online? How and where to add your affiliate link to earn profits? How to utilize your YouTube channel and blog to do affiliate marketing? How to get sold through your affiliate link without knowing to buyers?

4. How to create niches websites?

Learn how to choose high demand niches? How to choose high demand niches domain? how to choose a low-cost web hosting plan while starting? Learn how to create a one-page niches reviews website? How to write product reviews and earn money?

5. How to do email marketing?

Learn how to do email marketing to increase your ROI? How to automate your online business? How it will work for you completely on autopilot? Hoe to create a lead capture page? how to set up autoresponder for free?

If you will complete all the above correctly, no one will stop you to make money online. This free online digital marketing courses will help to earn money online without spending money. The only thing you have to buy a domain and hosting that will not cost you more than Rupees 2000/-.

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