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How to change Godaddy nameservers –

This is a short tutorial on How to Change #GoDaddy Name Servers.

Before you get started, you will want to make sure that you have your #HostMaria name server information handy.

For all our Cloud Hosting users, the #nameservers are:

Step 1) Go to your GoDaddy domain manager
Step 2) check the box of the domain name you would like to work with
Step 3) Click on the button DNS and then the drop-down option Update Nameservers
Step 5) Choose 2nd option: I’ll use my own nameservers
Step 6) Enter your nameservers and click Save
Step 7) Confirm in a Consent Form box that you want to update the nameservers

You are done 🙂

Please note: it might take around up to 72 for the nameservers to change globally (our experience), although GoDaddy is a great registrar and this process shouldn’t take more than 12-24 hours.

2 great services to check the process on how the nameservers are changing globally are:

Do not rush with your 1click installs. Wait for the nameservers to have changed fully.

Best wishes,
tech support