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How To Buy Hostinger Hosting at Discount (2021) – Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

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Welcome to the Awesome Review channel, this video is about how to buy hostinger hosting at discount in 2021. This is the complete guide video of how to buy hosting from hostinger at a discount price and after watching this video you will be very happy to know that you can purchase hosting from Hostinger at a very huge discount.

It doesn’t matter which type of web hosting you purchase from Hostinger, you can purchase hostinger shared hosting plan at discount, hostinger VPS hosting at discount, hostinger cloud hosting discount and you can purchase all other hostings from Hostinger at the discount price I shown in this video.

To purchase Hostinger hosting, you can purchase hostinger using Paypal, CoinPayments, Credit card and Google Pay as well. So Hostinger made it really easy for you to purchase their web hosting by giving too many payment options.

So make sure to watch the full video till the end and start purchasing hosting from Hostinger at discount.

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hostinger is one of the best and cheap web hosting that you can buy but in this video i’m going to show you how to purchase hosting from hostinger at more discounts so make sure to watch the full video till the end so the first thing you’ve to do is to visit the hostinger website using the link given in the description below this video to get a discount now after visiting hostinger select the plan you want to purchase for this video i’m
going with the shared hosting plan which is the best choice for beginners so you can see they have three shared hosting plans single premium and business share hosting so what i recommend to you is to choose their single shared hosting plan if you only need one website but if you want to create more than one website then you must go for their premium shared hosting plan with this plan you’re getting a free domain name as well so this plan is the
most popular plan from hostinger but if you already have a website with a lot of traffics then a business shared hosting plan is for you so simply choose the best plan for you then after selecting the plan here you can see you can purchase them for one month 12 months 24 months and 48 months and i always recommend to you is to select the 48-month plan so if you select the longer plan you’ll get more discount here you can see the cheapest price of
2.59 per month is for a 48-month plan if your budget is low then you can go for their 24 or 12-month plan as well also remember that with hostinger you’re also getting a 30 days money back guarantee so if you’re not completely satisfied with their hosting plan then you will get a full refund if you request within the 30 days of purchase so without any doubt go for the longer term plan now scroll down fill out the information then here select the
payment option you want to use the finally here you can see this coupon code box simply click on this then type this code here you’ll find this code in the description as well now when you click on this plus button then here you can see the total price is decreased to 114 dollars and 24 cents so without this coupon code the price was 124.32 but after entering this coupon code then you can see the total price is decreased to 114 dollars and 24
cents so make sure to use the description link and coupon code to get this huge discount so you only have to pay 114 dollars and 24 cents for their four years plan this is cool and cheap so finally you can click on the submit button to complete the purchase then you will get an email with login details after purchase if you have a low budget then you can go with their 12 month plan so when i select 12 month here then you can see the total price
is only 66.12 but my recommendation is always to go for the longer terms planned to get more discount also remember that this discount will work on their other hosting plans as well for example if i select their vps hosting here then you can see its price is 3.95 per month so when i click on this plan then here you can see the price has been discounted to 3.63 cents per month as the coupon is applied automatically here as you can see the coupon
is already applied the price for their vps is now 174.24 first it is 189 but now after entering the coupon code the price is decreased to 174.24 so in this way you can purchase the hosting from hostinger at discount if you still have any questions then you can ask me in the comments section below make sure to visit hostinger from the description link and use the coupon code to get more discounts you can subscribe to our youtube channel to stay
updated with more reviews and offers videos like this thanks for watching you