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How to Buy Hosting and Domain From GoDaddy (Cheapest Hosting and Domain) $1/Month

Learn how to buy cheapest hosting and domain on GoDaddy at a price of $1/month. With this video you can purchase domain and hosting from GoDaddy by just paying $12 in total for a year (first year).

The discounted hosting and domain purchase link:

3:31 = How to reach discounted page
5:05 = Hosting purchase steps start at
5:31 = Choosing / determining a domain name
8:50 = Shopping Cart
10:07 = What is domain privacy
11:08 = Create a GoDaddy account
12:05 = Filling billing information
12:51 = Filling payment details
13:30 = Complate to purchase hosting and domain
13:55 = How to reach godaddy customer product page
14:27 = Match the domain and hosting that you buy
14:46 = Select domain for matching with hosting
15:10 = Select server location
15:24 = The question about wordpress set up
15:45 = How to reach cPanel
16:18 = How to chage the language of cPanel

How to reach cPanel: 1- Sign-In Godaddy 2- Visit my account / My products page 3- Click manage button under web hosting tab ( right side of the economy linux hosting package ) 4- Click cPanel Admin button on the right upper corner