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How To Buy Domain Name for Your Website on Namecheap

How To Buy Domain Name for Your Website on Namecheap | Get Website Domain Here

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✪ Steps to Buy Domain Name for Your Website on Namecheap

– Go Here :
– Now Simply Go to Domains Tab
– Now Search domain as you like, choose 2 or 3 word domain name
– Now Check domains from the result and find best match for your website topic.
– Click on Add to Cart and Pay for your domain
– Done.

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simply open the link which we provide in this video description once we clicked on the link will redirect to the name Keep Calm Namecheap is very trusted and best web domain seller company when you search domain name try to choose short name and related to our business let me show you some example you are free to choose any domain name but if you follow the steps you may get winning domain name for your business try to choose short and unique
name short and unique name always easy to remember and make you stand out from the crowd for example chord calm web efan calm chill route calm we can create domain name by tweak our name with our profession this is also best way to make our own brand for example digital John calm sorrow Nixon music calm if you are planning to create website that main visitors traffic source from the search engine sites like Google Yahoo Bing
and many more then using keyword in domain name his best option for example if you are planning to create website for free music then your main keyword is free music now if you choose domain name like best free music comm or only free music com more dope free music com then your website’s has more chances to get higher rank on search engine for the free music keyword in this way you can grow your website fast with free visitor traffic from search
engine sites choose right domain extension domain extension also know as the last part of a domain name the latter’s that come after the dot to the right of any domain name for example webby fan comm so dot-com is the domain extension for webby fan UK UK is the domain extension there are so many domain extension available but the most popular domain extension is dot-com and we also recommended you to choose dot-com but if your website only
targets specific country then choose the country extension if you want like dodge US for US businesses and citizens dot UK for United Kingdom dot SIA for Canada dot and for India dot EU for European Union dot de for Germany follow two simple rules to choose extension if your website target globally then choose dot-com or if your website target only one specific country then choose country extension now let’s go back to the Namecheap hover over on
domains tab and then click on domain name search you can search your domain name here you can also find complete information on how to choose domain name or affer frequently asked question on domain name now simply type here your domain name and press on search I’ll search for my web effect now our domain name is available which cost me first years nine dollars and renew prices eleven dollars per year now I click on Add to Cart click on view cart
whenever you buy domain from they provide free Whois guard for the domain Whois means whenever some in search for the domain owner contact information on the Internet then they get all information from whose website the information we provide while registered our domain and info like name of domain registrar billing address phone number email address so who is Gard hide these personal information on the web and nobody can’t get
Whois information for our domain on other hand other domain name seller company charge up to $10.00 per year now click on confirm order now we need to create account you now provide mail address phone number email address for your domain name click on continue scroll down continue now choose payment method and pay for your domain name now click here and go to your dashboard once you are on your dashboard you can see your domain name now simply
copy your domain name and check it is it registered by name Keep Calm now our domain successfully registered through thank you for watching please comment below if you have any question or suggestion on how to buy domain from name keep if you like this video please give us thumbs up and share this video if you don’t subscribe our Channel please subscribe to our channel to get more updates