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How To Buy Cheap Hosting And Domain For Free In 2021 | Namecheap Hosting and domain

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy cheap hosting and domain for free in 2021. Namecheap domain and hosting purchase tutorial

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hey what’s up guys it’s frank llemano here and in this video today i’m going to be sharing with you guys where you can get the cheapest hosting and domain online now most of you out there online entrepreneurs you know that if you actually want to set up structure and automate your business you need to have a website you need to have a blog if you whether you’re doing affiliate marketing you are doing network marketing you’re doing whatever
form of online business you’re doing that’s generating your cash you would have seen that you know it’s quite important that you own a website on the internet and when you’re starting now definitely most times you don’t have that much money to start you know making a whole lot of expense because there’s a lot of things that you’re going to buy for yourself online right so it’s quite cool that we actually can actually start out with um some tools
that can be cost effective right and that is why i’m going to be sharing with you guys where you can get the cheapest hostname domain online and this is from namecheap i know you must have heard about nature before so namecheap is one of those companies that i have actually used for a while and i can recommend them as a website where you can you know get to buy your domain and also your hosting right besides that you can also buy a whole lot of
other you know services and products that they have so it’s more of like an all-in-one space where you can actually make purchase for everything you basically need to set up your full business online when it comes to your website your hosting and domain your custom emails and a whole lot more so guys without further ado i’m going to be jumping straight on the website now so that i’ll be showing you how you can actually get started with using
namecheap and you can make purchase for your hosting domain quite very cheap for spending less money and you know you run your business online with your website and you may cook hash on the internet right so jumping into an ancient website the first thing you need to do is use my link to sign up go ahead and use the link franklin dot com slash namecheap and using that link you’re going to be getting a 10 discount on all of your purchase using
namecheap platform right so let me jump on and click on my link right now you’re going to see the link in the description section below or you can see it on the screen right now so i’m just going to go ahead and type it on my browser and show you guys everything that they have to offer you yeah so just go ahead and smash on franklin dot com slash name chip and once you hit that particular link which i i’m showing you right now in the screen or
you can check in the description it brings you over to the website so you can basically see on the website this guy they have everything you need now the cool thing here is they actually did you best and they are giving you the best of service right that’s actually the cool thing because most there are some companies that actually offer you way cheaper prices right but then their services are shitty like like you wouldn’t even want to get to come
in contact with those kind of people they frustrate your life when it comes to your hosting and you know keeping your website secured and a whole lot of other stuff right so these guys are based on experience basically because i’ve been using them for quite a while right now and that’s why i recommend them to you so these guys uh they basically have actually given peace of mind since i have been using you know this particular company right so if
you’re looking to make purchase for your domain right you can do that so hosting you can see they have the shared hosting the wordpress hosting reseller hosting vps dedicated servers and also the migration they have um a full wordpress hosting they have the email side where you can actually you know get your custom emails from namecheap and use it for you know different other services that you want to use it for and at the same time they get to
host your apps right so if you are a developer and you’re looking for a space to you know host your apps you can use namecheap at the same time they also offer you you know series of security features from ssl to domain privacy to premium dns to cdn vpn id validation and to fa you know authentication and the public dns right so here you can see uh this is where they get you to transfer so if you’re currently using a host let’s say you’re using
siteground or a2 hosting all of those expensive guys trust me if you’re starting out your online business you don’t need to be on those expensive plans honestly you want to save money because you don’t just need the website you need a website you’re going to set up a funnel you might run ads and a whole lot of other things you want to save cash when you are setting up your website basically and that is why namecheap is here for you so you can
actually migrate your hosting from all of those companies over to namecheap and you know um they’re going to really walk you through a step by step on how to do that right so i’m going over all through the website now there’s actually one cool thing i love namecheap before but i’m going to come back to that as we go on in this video so you should actually watch this video to the very end and at the same time you’re liking this make sure you give
this video a thumbs up right now and subscribe to my channel smash on the bell icon so that you don’t miss any of my videos and guys if you’re currently using them to just tell me the conversation like yes i am currently using them cheap and just drop a quick review on how you feel about namecheap trust me i’m almost sure it’s all going to be positive reviews about namecheap so drop your comments in the comment section let me see and we can
actually get to interact and chat in the comment section okay so coming down to the website right now this is basically a form where you could actually just you know search for the domain you want but then scrolling all through you can see all of the deals they have they have a deal currently for com domains they have a deal for easy wp managed wordpress they have a deal for dot co domains they have a deal for stella and stella plus hosting and
also they have a deal for dot club domains see guys one cool thing i love about the interviews they throw up deals like their deals come in like like almost around the year there’s always a deal for something right okay so this is back to school savings on domain and hosting deals right so there’s always a deal it could be black friday deal it could be back to school deal it could be you know um summer deals and a whole lot more diabetes also
comes up every year and as this this actually means that you know as this guy is offering you a very cheap domain and hosting service they also give you discount like super smart discounts when you’re making purchase at you know um different times around their deals or offers they have and this goes for all of the services that they are giving you so you can actually see reviews from people and uh this video is a review on namecheap basically
right so from domains professional emails to the security they got everything covered so guys uh what i’m just going to do right now is to show you guys the process on how you can register your own domain and once you’ve actually used my link frankly namecheap you come over to this very place here and you can search for your own domain right so let’s say uh we are going to be searching for a domain i can say franklin buys franklin
buys domain frankly right so this is just a quick you know test for this video so i’m just going to do a search for that franklin by and um i’m just hoping that that domain is going to be super available and you can see here that it’s available so the cool thing here here is um if you actually session for your domain uh namecheap quickly searches on all of the servers worldwide to see if there is you know someone already
using that particular domain and if the domain has been taken to say oh this domain is taking you have to search for another one or use a different cld cld is top level domain where um that is the domain that comes after the dot so it could be dot dot ng dot whatever does it called that that is called the top level domain right so um on this section here you can see that my domain is available and uh now i get a 10 off for back to school
on the back to school sale so instead of paying a dollar per year you’re going to be paying 7.9 per year but guys the cool thing here is for other websites if you’re buying a domain you will be buying a domain for about 20 something dollars per year right this is a huge save so what i’m going to do now is to click on add to cat and it adds it to my cart all right so you can see it’s added to cart and then um the next thing i want to do is to buy
a hosting right because um if you’re buying a domain it’s also needed to buy the hosting so let’s say domain is your address but the hosting is the space like the land where you want to build your house on right so let me go ahead and buy a domain so in the domain section there are several domains you can actually make a pick from and we have um the shared hosting we have the wordpress hosting we have the reseller hosting we have the vps hosting
but then if you’re just starting out guys the shared hosting is very okay for you to start then as you actually grow you can grow and buy vps hosting and um or you can actually buy you know a dedicated server so here on the page uh you can actually see the yearly plan you are gonna be paying zero points eight to per month that is 82 cents per month guys this is the cheapest hosting currently like all over the world because um i know that the last
one the last person i bought and i thought it was cheap i got that one dollar per month right and i thought it was very cheap others charge like three to four dollars per month and it’s quite moderate but um this is way way cheaper and another thing is if you’re gonna buy for two years uh okay this is for the yearly plan if you’re gonna buy for two years uh because after the first year there is a huge discount on the first year and you have to
renew on the second year right the you have to pay 1.44 per month right so don’t think um it will save you more money if you buy yearly no you pay for this yearly and on the second here instead of paying into two cents you pay 2.8 dollars so same with some other everyday hosting company the first year is always cheaper so let’s say you buy for something like um for like three dollars per month for the first year the next year can be like five or
six dollars per month right so this is a huge save if you’re gonna buy for two years and um you can see it’s 1.44 per month which is quite moderate so that is 33.44 um dollars per year but for that’s for the two years instead of you paying 66.8 so i’m going to add this and here i’m also going to say connect my domain so you can say um use a new domain and already in cart and you can see my domain here has been linked i have to pay 18 cents for
the icon feed icon is actually the body of the corporation for domains and all of those stuff like you know the guide actually governs the the domain purchase body in the world basically right so the total cost for this domain today is 41.6 and uh this is quite cheap like i mean very very cheap and once you’ve done that you can click on add to cart once you click on add to cart you can come over to this cart section and scroll all down and
confirm your order so there’s only to add anything there’s no need to add another um service or product just go ahead and confirm your order and once you click on confirm your order you can actually sign create an account you can create an account with namecheap or that’s really the best thing because if you’re just starting out you will not get the discounts basically then um you won’t be logging in just creating new accounts with namecheap and
once you create your account you can actually you know um log in and you make your final payment using your card right so it’s nigeria some cards might not work but you can actually try out a few cards and it gets to work and once it works go ahead and your made purchase for your dominant hosting right so guys now the coolest part of every of this thing with name gpa is the fact that they are live so their life charts is is mind-blowing like
really really mind-blowing and this is the best part of everything i’ve enjoyed around me name chip like this is the best part of everything so the cool thing here is when you buy your your domain you need to link your hosting and your domain together and then install wordpress guys all you need to do is just to come over click on chat with your live person and go down to live chat support so um this is where um okay let me say i log into one of
my accounts okay so i’m here in my account right now and all you need to do is just to scroll down i have my support pin and i click on live chat support right and um it’s asking me what do i need to do today and um the department i want to you know i want to be linked to you can see the various department they have from the main ssl support to the main transfer support to app support to hosting support private email support ecwp support vpn
supersonic cdn ah guys they have a department for everything right so once i’m done i click on start chat and um the cool thing here is the you’re gonna have someone chatting up with you life from namecheap and they can help you resolve any issues you have they help you set up and you know um link everything you need to be linked and you know resolve all of those you know issues you’re having so if you’re not quite technical if you’re not the
techie kind of person right you can just go to live chat support and tell this guy that okay i want you to please help me link my you know my domains my hosting and install wordpress on my site and give me access to my wordpress site they will do it for you in like five minutes or ten minutes and give you your access you go back to wordpress and you know you start doing what you know how to do best right so this is the cool part of this whole
thing and this is why i love namecheap so much asides the fact that you know they are reliable and they really give you everything that you want right they offer the best type of service they also give you this live chat live chat is very very very important like it’s really really really important because you know there are times when you actually get stuck with some technical issues on your website and you’re like okay who do i go to who do i
talk to and let’s say you don’t have any developers around you right you just hit up someone on the live chat and they help you resolve your issues straight up right so this is the cool thing around namecheap and guys um if you’re actually going to be jumping on namecheap right now i advise you do go ahead and use the link i have in the description you can see it on the screen right now so that you can actually get started with namecheap and get
your domain like asap i hope you guys really love this review if you did love this review go ahead and tell me in the comment section that yes i love this review and tell me one thing you like about namecheap from what i just said right here yeah tell me in the comment section right now and also guys make sure you give this video a thumbs up right now and subscribe to my channel so that you can actually get to you know see more videos that i get
to share with you guys around making money online and how to scale your income right so if you actually want to see how i get to link my domain on hosting and install press on the name chip server go ahead and tell me that in the comment section tell me that yes i want to see the video in the comment section so that i would actually you know be ginger to make that video and share with you guys right so this is it’s in this you know quick review
around them chip and how you can get chip hosting and domain for yourself and guys with this i will see you in my next video peace you