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hey what's up guys welcome to another video from make money with Imani in this video I'm gonna teach you how to buy a whip hosting from Bluehost Bluehost is an amazing company it is the best I work with this company for four years and their services are incredible also they have a live chat 24 hours a day and seven days a week so I will leave the link in the description below this video so let's get started we started you have to click here and get started and and this is the plans of this company we have the basic plan the plus plan choice plus and the pro this for 200 this for this for two $95 per month file $45 per month and so on in this plan we have you have one website 50 gigabyte SSD storage free SSL certificate one included domain and so on in this package you have unlimited websites unlimited websites and you have three ssl certificate on the midget domains it's really really good and this is a already problem in the method website it's free SSL unlimited domains public spurred demand privacy plus protection and so on so I would choose this is plan for this video here we choose any create a domain it's for free any domain you you have to choose a domain for your niche or if you have a domain you put it's here so I'm gonna I'm gonna write something like Oh like like like what I'm gonna do I'm gonna just like that just like that for this video and press next and here all and here complete this information your first name the last name your business name it's optional your country street address the city you know state zip code and so on and choose your plan don't want to get this if you want 12 months it's for for $95 per month 24 months $3 95 36 months is for 295 per month it's really really important so I choose for this video this and here and here we have packets extras we have domain privacy plus protection for $0.99 per month and we have site lock security fine for $1.99 per month and cause short basic for 299 dollars per month and Bluehost is huge if you want this it's like so I mean like that for English it for $59 and here you have to put your credit card if you will if you don't want to put your credit card you have more payment options click here there you can pay with paper so you want to pay with PayPal they will give you and the next step to put your email your people in by this lost so in here we have term of service consolation policy and privacy policy you have to if you want so click here I have read and agree to blows Terms of Service and consolation policy and uh knowledge receipts of the privacy policy and submit up after you click Submit they give you you go to PayPal in your bio that's it it's very after you click here on submit they give you to enter your email address on PayPal and you buy the holes very simple so this is today's video don't forget to like this video and hit that subscribe button so see you tomorrow good bye .

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